Saw Familiy Doc today.

Such a long, long, long day it seems… and with two mini-meltdowns in the car, to boot. *sigh*

It’s odd, even though I don’t write down a lot of stuff to talk with him about, inadvertently stuff always comes up.

He had a whole shwack of letters from people in front of him regarding all my visits and it was just ridiculous and never ending.

We talked about the whole Anti-D’s not working, so it’s time to raise the doseage again for another month to 30mg/day. I mentioned to him that I had spoken to GI Guy about the anti-Ds and his agreement to the whole treatment and him thinking it’d be okay to go up to 150mg/day. Family Doc was under the assumption that if nothing happens at 50mg, the likelihood of anything going on into the 100-150mg category ain’t really gonna do much — That’s antidepressant territory for depression, of which, as he reminds me, I am not. But just to be on the safe side, he’s gonna catch up on a little reading about the anti-D’ just to make sure.

I did ask him what the plan would be if the anti-D’s didn’t work, would I be stuck playing with the narcotics all the time? He said, “Fear not! We’re not scraping at the bottom of the barrel just yet! I still have a couple of things we could try.” Nice!

So yea, other than that… Mmmm… he did make mention of the new Rheumy being a “really hard nut to crack”. Meaning, she tells it like it is. I don’t know if I should be scared of that or not. Apparently he’d had a patient see her and Rheumy II told her she had XYZ and the patient was in complete denial of having XYZ and so she blew a gasket on Rheumy II. Apparently a very lengthy follow-up letter to Family Doc ensued that was far from pleasant to read.


UHmm.. other than that, I got X-rays done on my pelvis. My hips have been absolutely killing me for the last while so much so that it feels like bone grinding in the socket. Blargh. We probably won’t find anything, as usual, but at least we didn’t just leave it to linger.

Mmmmm…. other than that… we talked about Eggy for a bit, my knee dislocating for a bit, my muscle spasms and the oh-so-much-fun headaches & tummy upset caused by the Viagra. And of course, the moment of confusion for the day: Why I can eat short-grained rice like sushi rice with no problems, but I can’t eat long grain rice without getting sick. Oh and I can eat a full on steak dinner at The Keg plus 1/2 a sourdough ball and not feel any bits of ill, whatsoever. WTF?

Next Appointment: Feb.10 with Hawt Doc.


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