Yay for end of January Feast!

On short notice, invitations were sent out by the always fantastic J & R to join them in the annual Haggis & Scotch feasting.

Everytime I mention haggis, it’s always met with rounds of, “EWW.. Gross!”.

Lucky for me, it would appear that our little circle of friends enjoy such delicacies. And besides, it’s not like haggis is the only thing being served for dinner. It just happens to be the special honoured guest of the eveining that we see only once a year.

To make things short and sweet, dinner consisted of: mashed potatoes, homemade Scotch eggs, scalloped turnips with goat cheese, haggis. whiskey gravy and some requisite greenage (of which I did not partake).

I would have liked to have tried the haggis with either the gravy or some Scotch poured over, but alas, it will never be for me.

As a side note — It would appear that I am not the biggest fan of cold Scotch eggs. I realize that it’s more or less a snack food to be eaten cold, but for some reason I just don’t enjoy it and subsequently have, for the last 3 years now, foisted portions of my Scotch egg onto to a friend and he returns the favour by giving me his mostly uneaten portion of haggis. That’s a win-win situation, if I do say so myself.

Click the Scotch Egg for the awesome Weebl’s Video!

All in all, I enjoyed the evening immensely, even though we couldn’t stay for the post-dinner movie of indeterminant Scottish origin. It would appear that my sinuses are doing a wicked number on my upper teeth, causing intesnse amounts of pain (and suffering). Must call Sinus Guy on Monday. *sigh*

I have to send out intarwebz apologies to G-Dawg, via Miss Empyress, for traumatizing him with the rehashing of my double jaw surgery. Poor boy didn’t know what to do in the end other than be completely horrified.

On totally different topic — We overhauled, moved, condensed and purged the kitchen of its clutter.

I even started condensing down my cookbook collection by giving a few to friends that I know would give them a good home. At some point, I will also be taking a few more off to the used bookstore if no one wants to take them off my hands. It feels good but it’s rather saddening all at the same time.

Tomorrow (today) is hopefully going to be pantry-tackling day.


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