Mmm… salty cheesy goodness..

… With a hint of fake butter flavour.

The last few weeks have been less than stellar in the eating department, so The Hubbs took it upon himself to buy me quicky meals. Basically something to fill the void of low blood sugar without much effort on my part. No, it’s not the healthiest way to go, but the point is getting some sort of food into me. I’m just not into eating right now.

Most of the “new & exciting” offerings consist of flatbread pizza-like meals, one Aunt Jemima instant sausage & egg skillet thingy and I can’t remember the other(s). As of late, most of my options have been reduced to the adult version of the Pilsbury Pizza Pop.

Also known as Stouffer’s Bistro Crustinis. Specifically the Philly-Style Steak & Cheese, would be my current fave.

Remarkably tasty in a really bad for you way. Just don’t eat the low fat ones, they’re vile.

In other food-related musings — I’m seriously toying with the idea of making homemade kimchi. Srsly. Only thing is, the recipe I currently have is for a 10lb batch of cabbage. What in the world am I gonna do with 10+ lbs of kimchi!? Admittedly, the cabbage does reduce down once salted, but there are still only so many people I know that would be game to eat it, my family being one of the few individuals, and they’re pretty stoked on the idea.

Dad suggested that I just make the full recipe of ‘sauce’ and then use only however much cabbage I feel inclined to cut, salt and wash at processing time. It’s a thought that I’ll keep in mind. Only real work involved is the crazy amounts of chopping and slicing of vegetables. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s not necessarily gonna be this weekend… haircut and pantry organizing are on the to-do-list.


6 thoughts on “Mmm… salty cheesy goodness..

  1. I know you are feeling crappy right now, but when you are feeling a bit better, have you done any of the once-a-month cooking stuff? I like to use some of those recipes to store in the freezer, and then you can have a bit more low-sodium recipes. And, they heat up in the microwave or skillet as fast as the store bought stuff. And, I know you are kinda like me: have the urge to cook a bunch sometimes, and not at all other times, and sadly, need to eat regularly…once-a-month cooking! :)
    Also, *hugs*

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I usually make large quantities of whatever and freeze whatever remains for future meals. It’s more a breakfast/lunch issue for me right now, which is why we have garbage snack/meals in the house now ^_^

  2. My friend made kimchi once, she said it totally wasn’t worth the effort when you could just buy a bucket premade.
    Also, everything in your fridge will smell like kimchi, i’m sure O_O Don’t Koreans have a separate fridge for that? hahaha

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Yea, I know that there’s a certain “Why make it when you can buy it!?” factor to kimchi. Just the satisfaction of knowing that you can make something that a lot of people don’t do homemade anymore is kina cool.
      I guess just like me making jams & pickes, etc, it’s something I’d like to do just to say I have the ability to do it if needed… like, hypothetically, suddenly it became that I COULDN’T buy it in the stores, yanno?
      And ya, I imagine everything will be permeated with kimchi, but it seems that a lot of people use the whole lock’n’lock system which might reduce the stinkiness, but i have no idea ^^

      1. My friend seemed really unhappy with the work/time to kimchi enjoyment ratio, though… she often does other homemade things like jam too :S Just thought I’d throw the warning out there!

      2. TeaseMeGirl

        Oh no, I totally get that :D
        Besides.. working over cold cabbage as opposed to boiling sugared fruit/canners just seems a lot less … sweaty hot ^_-

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