I did it again.

I got my hair cut and now I look like a fat’n’ugly dyke.

Damnit, it happens every time.

Why the hell is it always so difficult to get a haircut? -_-


6 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. Where are you getting your hair cut? Because, sadly, hair cuts are something that you need to pay decent money for. I am still getting used to this: waist length hair was cheap to upkeep….mid-length hair with pink streaks? A lot pricier.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Well, now I’m getting my haircut at the same place as The Hubbs’ been having his done for the last.. well.. 38 years.
      I used to get it cut at the spa/salon I worked at.
      The problem is that, like Empyress said, no one really knows how to cut a short cut. Unless it’s the current trend, which would mean either Stay-at-home-Mom cut (think Jon & Kate + 8), a bob, or a bowl cut, none of those work for me.
      .. And I have stupid thick hair with curls… but the curls are only in the back… So really.. it just doesn’t work and I am so not spending $100 to go back to my old work.

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