Hawt Doc makes “house calls”!

And by house calls, I mean, he actually takes 10 minutes to call me at home (or wherever) to see what’s going on as opposed to making me drive out to the hospital and sit in the clinic for 3 hours suffering, while he runs behind with his other patients.

Hawt Doc FTW, I tell you.


Reason for the “house call”? I’m sick. I sound hideous, sick and my voice is going, to boot.

I have this evil filthy McNasty cold-thing-a-ma-jig going on. It’s not really a cold, but it’s not NOT a cold. My nose is slightly congested, I’ll give it that (Sinus Guy will be SO pleased to see me with that next week, I’m sure) but it’s mostly residing in my lungs. It’s rather gross and sticky and rattling in there. My lungs make bubbling/crackiling noises when I’m lying horizontally.Yesterday it got to the point where it was actually preventing me from breathing. Not cool.

Should I find it troubling that when I need to talk to someone on Hawt Doc’s team, my contacts are the Lung Transplant nurses? And they have it on strict instructions that Hawt Doc has a low threshhold for me if I get sick? o_O; Meaning, if I even sniffle the wrong way, I’m going to be immediately prescribed with antibiotics because His biggest worry is that I’ll end up with pneumonia or something.

I guess I’ve just been in the slightly denial-ish state that my lung condition has ever really been ‘that bad’… though it was pointed out to me that I did do a year of chemo because of it, so really, it IS that bad. Never mind the fact that I forget that I’m still on an immunosuppressant, which I totally forget about.

Anyhow, at the moment, he thinks I may have the startings of a bacterial infection, so that should hopefully clear things up in the next 10 days or so with a 10-day round of Levoquin. I’m still seeing Hawt Doc next Wednesday for my regular appointment, only thing that might change for that is if I’m still not feeling that great, we’ll be forgoing the PFT’s for another time, but chest x-rays will still stand.


Stupid Drama Llamas.


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