Someone dropped the ball yesterday…

Sooo.. around 730am yesterday morning, I gave Hawt Doc’s nurses a call.

No one was answering the phones, so I left a message asking at what point in time should I be worried about the state of my lungs given that I was having problems breathing, my lungs were making really gross noises, some chest pain and had the onset of fever, coughing up gunk, what felt like a brain-exploding headache, earache, sore throat and my freaking left sinus being so clogged. I don’t remember the last time I’d felt REALLY miserable and stuffed up and my chest so full of gunk that I squeak when I breathe and it actually prevented me from being able to take a full lungful of air. I mean, BaconFlu wasn’t that fun, but it didn’t stop me from actually being able to breathe.

Around 1030am one of the nurses from the Lung Transplant team called me back (though I have to say, she’s definitely not my fave of the two) and after our short chat about stuff she said she’d call me back after talking to Hawt Doc about a couple of things since he wasn’t in clinic yesterday. In the meantime, ride the fever’n’chills if I can, no tylenol unless the fever hits +38.5C and lots of rest and fluids.

No phone call… I figured that things were running its course the way Hawt Doc expected since she said that having only been prescribed the Levoquin on Wednesday, things’ll feel worse before they get better.

Fast forward to this morning at 1130 and I get a phone call from the other Lung Transplant Nurse (let’s just call her Cool Lung Nurse from now on, m’kay?). She was rather concerned and had been keeping me in the back of her head since I had spoken to her on Wednesday about the startings of all this stuff and was just calling to see how things went with my visit to emerge last night to see one of Hawt Doc’s cohorts on call for chest x-rays and an assessment.

Obviously, I didn’t go and didn’t know to visit the nice-doctor-lady-on-call in Emerge.

After our brief chat, she sent me off to the Peter Lougheed to go do the stuff that was supposed to be done yesterday.

So The Hubbs & I spent four hours in emerge this afternoon.

The good news is that I don’t have pneumonia. The good & strange bit of news is that considering what my lungs sound like, my chest X-rays are remarkably clean & clear, even compared to the last set I’d done back in December for Hawt Doc’s clinical study. Same thing went for my bloodwork — really clean, no crazy elevated whiteblood cell count to indicate I’m fighting something nasty off and though my liver enzymes are still elevated, as usual, they’re lower than what my regular monthly labs I had done back on Jan.25 o_O;

The funny part about the whole bloodowork thing is that it took two nurses and three tries to get an IV line started for me. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t call that fun by any stretch of the imagination. My veins suck ass, they’re practically non-existant anymore and anything that can be found is rarely accomplished on the first try. I have one solid vein that’s been giving blood for the last two years without fail, as long as people pay attention to what they’re doing. The second nurse informed me that each nurse is allotted a maximum of two tries to get a vein. The first nurse gave up after the first try. The second nurse missed on her first try, but then got all excited because she got another vein to pop up not too far beside it and said she was going to take her chances. She got it, needless to say, and was quite pleased because it was “a really juicy one”, she could feel it pumping underneath her fingertips because it was right close to a valve. Juicy was a bit of an understatement when I got disconnected from everything — it soaked completely through a whole wad of gauze in the short time it took me to get back into my street clothes.

There were a couple of other tests/samples that they took, but the results for those wouldn’t be coming in for about 48 hours, so I’ll be talking about those with Hawt Doc when I see him on Wednesday for my regular appointment and will probably be mentioning the uhh… sinus swabbing to Sinus Guy on Friday. There is no doubt that there’s SOMETHING going on, she just labelled it as bronchitis for now, but it could be something as simple as two bugs that happened to cross-over each other to make me feel positively miserable.

The Lung Doctor on call (cool lady, had a bit a little bit of verbal diarrhea going on though) gave me the option of being admitted for a few days if I didn’t feel comfortable about going home, but otherwise I was okay to be discharged for the day. Had I actually gone into the ER last night as I was supposed to, I probably would have taken her up on the offer seeing as my breathing was really crummy, it sounded & felt really scary and I really just wanted to be put out of my misery — today I felt only “slightly less crappy” than yesterday when I woke up this morning.

So capping off my visit, she sent me home with a prescription for Clavulin, a second set of antibiotics, to be taken with the Levoquin just to cover all my bases and if I want, I’m free to take the Dilaudid for this horrible skull-exploding headache I’ve had for the last two days. The last tidbit of information rather surprised me since I’d never considered taking the dilaudid for ‘that kind of pain’. I have pretty specific reasons for taking the dilaudid. Headache, in my mind *snort*, was never one of them.

The only other instructions she offered was that if I’m feeling at all worse in the next few days, even through to next weekend since she’s on call til then, to go straight on back to Emerge and she’ll have me admitted pretty quick since all the preliminary evaluations etc etc have been done.

So yea, that’s been my day… tiring but relieving.


2 thoughts on “Someone dropped the ball yesterday…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      To be honest, I have no idea, either. It just happens.
      I no longer bother to really “remember” most of it, I just have it all dosed out in 3 weekly cases (am, lunch, pm) so I just pop & go.
      Whenever I see people every month (or whatever) I hand them a super cute postcard with the list of all my meds on the back and adjust the list as needed.
      The first nurse in the ER was rather amused by the postcard — though she was rather surprised as to “How does a 33 year old end up with Pulmonary Hypertension??”
      My answer: Plain shitty bad luck…
      OMG The kitty organizer was so cute!! XD

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