I’m not dying.. yet! :P

Saw Hawt Doc for my 3 month follow-up. I have to say, Calgary moving towards this whole digital storage of medical information rather amazes me. Doctors can plunk down at the computer in front of them and they have all my results right there. I believe Family Doc’s office has been moving towards being part of the same network so any doctor I see or test I have done, everything’s right there without having to wait for weeks for follow-up copies.

And might I add, I have a freaking huge medical file just from Hawt Doc alone. Two, in fact. One for in clinic and one for hospital stays. So Hawt Doc got all my results from Saturday’s visit to the ER and tests showed that I contracted the Human Pneumo Virus.

It turns out, I have a cold. Specifically: I have an ASS KICKING cold, even by normal cold bug standards. His words, not mine. How anti-climactic is that?

On the one hand, I’m relieved to know that I’m not going to keel over and die from this, I will eventually feel better, but on the other hand — Oh my gods, if this is what a cold does to my body and feels like, what the fuck is going to happen if I ever get pneumonia!? I’m royally screwed.

Other than this little mishap, the visit itself wasn’t terribly informative on the Viagra front and as to whether or not it’s helping me any. Tests have remained pretty much the same as back in Decemeber and so I see him again in three months. Only other words of wisdom he had to offer for my cold were to rest up, lots of vitamin C., and stay on the two anti-biotics so the cold bug doesn’t morph into some hideous bacterial infection.

Towards the end of my visit, I asked him: In the future, when should I be contacting the Lung Nurses as opposed to just calling Family Doc. He got on to talking about… well honestly, I don’t remember what it was he was talking about in order to answer the question, but he got there eventually. He kind of got on to mentioning that because I have a relatively uncommon lung condition, if big scary stuff like last week happens then call, or if I’m being put on some new medication just to check to see it doesn’t interfere with the Viagra, or I’m having surgery so he can talk to the anaesthesiologists, or I start having heart/chest/swelling issues blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc… so big scary stuff essentially. No worries, that all made sense.

As a really funny side thought (it would seem that I get a lot of those lately in Hawt Doc’s presence): During his mentioning of all that, I kind of momentarily zoned out. I was so exhausted by this point having walked all over the hospital to get my various tests done, every department had been running behind schedule and I had been sitting all wrapped up in a nice warm (pink) blanket on the stretcher in the exam room with my tummy filled with orange juice (I still to this day can’t figure out why it’s the lung clinic of all places that gives me juice everytime I visit), when my brain kind of took this 180 turn and suddenly went, “OMG! Hawt Doc’s, like, HAWT! HOLY SHIT! He’s HAWT! ACK! STOP STARING!!”


So yeah, I’m tired.

And apparently Hawt Doc’s rly, rly, hawt.


OH. And apparently I’m “rockin’ the Diva-look” with my short hair. A girl in the PFT lab, who recognized me from past visits, quite likes the short cut. Diva, was not the first word I’d use to describe my appearance, but I’ll take it ^_^


2 thoughts on “I’m not dying.. yet! :P

  1. LOL…a few days ago we were talking about moments of inappropriate accidental contact between patient and caretakers, like a dental hygenist “Accidentally” grazing the boob/junk (or, oppositionally, grazing one’s junk inadvertently against a doctor/nurses hand/arm/shoulder…
    This seems to only happens when the doctor, nurse, or caretaker is smokin. And don’t even get me started on my junior hight nurse sponge bath fantasies…

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