I finished a project!


Seriously, this is incredible! I haven’t finished ~anything~ since the Baby C&E blankie. I started a couple of things back in the fall, like the Easy Peasy Bag II, but I haven’t finished anything at all. My mojo is seriously lacking and this damn cold just hasn’t been making life any easier.

On the flip side, I actually had a semi-active day yesterday. It made me feel like utter sh*te by dinner time, but I was rather proud of the fact I got myself properly dressed for public viewing (minus the hair) and I went off to Chapters to do a little browsing (picked up Interweave Crochet + Crochet Today! Mags) and then back over to Home Sense up by Costco here just to see what they had on offer for kitchen toys. Imma looking for a Mukka Express still. I dunno why I have my heart set on one, but I really do.

I don’t think I was gone for more than an hour, but by the time I came home I was pretty much beat… then The Hubbs suggested we take EggNog (The Hubbs has officially renamed the car to Eggnog and for some reason it’s sticking) back out for a wash given that CNY is coming up and everything needs to be nice and sparkly clean.

Awhile back (holy crap! That was January of 2009!), I had bought a couple of beautiful hanks of this sky blue cotton. I had pretty lofty ideas for this stuff — I figured I would make something like a shrug out of it for spring/summer to wear overtop a tank or something. Didn’t happen.

I started with the intention of making a cute little shrug, but I am not a small girl and crochet ~eats~ yarn like nobody’s business so two hanks of anything ain’t gettin’ me anywhere I need to be.

So yesterday night, at some ungodly hour, I changed my mind. The long abandoned shrug (of which, I vaguely recall starting in the summer when I was dandilion picking) turned itself into what I’d like to call a cowl. In reality, it’s just a neck warmer. It’s a little snug, but it’s nothing a few wearings won’t fix. Yes, I could have done the smart and proper thing by blocking it, but I just don’t roll that way and we all know that.

So here I sit.

In the office.

In relative comfort.

With a ridiculous looking neck warmer on, that smells like.. well.. cotton.

Neat ^_^

Pics may come eventually, don’t hold your breath.


2 thoughts on “I finished a project!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Eggnog for some reason works :D
      I’ll get the pics up for the neckwarmer as soon as I find out where The Hubbs hid my little digicam ^_^

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