Nothing interesting to say…

I am completely brain dead at the moment and so everything in this post will be kind of haphazardly written.

Had my monthly appointment with Family Doc this afternoon. I actually got in and out in less than 90 minutes! That’s totally unheard of!

Being so tired still, I couldn’t really think of what I needed to talk to him about. The last couple of weeks have, of course, been all consumed by the Cold of Doom. Because I’m not a normal human being, he’s totally okay with me doing absolutely nothing but sleep. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s totally needed in his mind. That and because the stupid Clavulin caused uber amounts of pain for the last 10+ days, I’ve had to take ridiculous amounts of Dilaudid and so I’m extra-extra tired. But that too, is a-okay. I mentioned to him that because I’ve had so much of the stuff, I was worried that it would cause my body to become resistent to my current 16mg dose that I use for breakthrough pain. He said that taking lots and lots (in my mind) of Dilaudid for short stints is not an unsafe(?) thing and to not be afraid of taking it as I need it. My body won’t become resistent to it for short periods. If it becomes that I’m taking lots and lots of Dilaudid for 2-3 months at a go, THAT is a bad thing and then we’ll have to start worrying. Some days I find it hard to mentally get around the need for taking the narcotics, especially if it’s for more than 2-3 nights in a row. So far, I think this 10 day bout was my longest consecutive stint.

Pelvic X-Rays that I took last month came back un-remarkable, as usual. We’ve established that if nothing else, it’s my IT Band that’s giving me grief so he’s recommended that I just have at it with something resembling a rolling pin in order to try and loosen it up.

UHhh… We had a long talk about “The Great Disturbance in The Force”. Neither of us know what to make of it and I’m still reserving judgement.

The Anti-D Experiment is still ongoing, but I’ve made the executive decision to jump straight from 30mg/day to 50mg/day. If nothing happens in the next month at 50, at that point, we’ve pretty much given the Anti-Ds their chance and so it will be time to try something new.

Mmmm…. yea. Sleep is about the only thing he had to recommend for the rest of the month.

I have three appointments between now and when I see him again on St.Paddy’s Day. It’s gonna be a busy few weeks.


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