Feeling kina.. antsy..

I think I’m either antsy or cabin feverish.

Or perhaps I’m just tired of being cooped up with no real direction to my life.

I noticed that I feel a lot more human when I’m not stuck at home, so I’ve been trying to make it so that I leave the house with EggNog for at least an hour or so a day.

Obviously if I have appointments, I don’t have to think of what to do with myself. But the days where I have no plans, I really should get out just for the sake of getting out to change my environment. It’s rather troublesome. It’s super lonely going out and about on one’s own.

So far the only places I’ve been in the last week or so was Chapter’s & Home Sense. Yesterday was my visit with Family Doc, so I got out then for a little while and today I just made a quick jaunt over to the grocery store.

These aren’t exactly exciting excursions, but I find that I feel less lethargic if I leave the house for even a half hour. I suppose leaving the house gets me a little more air, a little more physical activity and a little bit of mental activity with driving… but it’s just so lonesome.

So tomorrow is Friday. What to do? The short list so far is:

* Go to the Farmer’s Market — where there are ridiculously huge numbers of people, especially SAHM’s with their stupidly monstrous baby pushing vehicles that take up an entire aisle’s worth of real estate.

* Go to T&T Market — essentially just roaming around another grocery store, but with the added bonus of buying a bubble tea when I leave.

* I suppose I could venture to Cross Iron Mills, but that’s way farther away than I wanna drive.

What I really would like to do is just drive around aimlessly with my camara and see what happens.

I dunno.. I need something to do. Desperately need something to do.


2 thoughts on “Feeling kina.. antsy..

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I still haven’t decided what to do… but seeing as I’m actually up at a decent hour, it affords me more options.
      In the meantime, I’m super-caffeinating myself as I eat a bran muffin and once again contemplate my options.

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