Random things to say…

* Calgary Lab Services have gone from being rather decent to absolutely shitty. Back in December they changed over their computer systems to something “new”. What its purpose is, I do not know. What I DO know is that what once took me at most a 45 minute walk-in appointment has now turned into a minimum 2 hour waste of time. I am highly displeased.

* Baby Bro’s incident on Friday wasn’t nearly as traumatizing for him as it was for me. It did, on the other hand, make Daddy extremely grouchy for having spent his entire day off (read: Not babysitting Baby Skywalker) at the hospital doing nothing but sit and wait and eat crummy hospital food because he’s bored.

* I finally finished watching Season 5 of House. Those of you that regularly watch House, if you could warn me about those few episodes that might make me manic because they hit too close to home, I’d be super grateful for the heads up. In the meantime, The Hubbs has completed my collection by locating Seasons I & II, which I am re-watching until Season 6 is complete and comes out on DVD.

* The Cold of Doom is slowly making its way out of my system. The biggest thing right now is trying to get my energy levels back to something resembling decent and hope that this phlegmy-ness that I’ve still got when I’m lying horizontally goes away for good.

* I get to see Sinus Guy on Wednesday! I’m kind of excited to see him for some reason. He amuses me greatly and I’m pretty sure my t-shirts do the same for him… I suppose that could fall under the ‘inappropriate actions’ category since it requres him to read what’s going on on my chest :D I think this week I shall wear the sushi shirt. I’ve pretty much decided that wearing my “WTB [WANG x1] PST” shirt is only appropriate amongst friends and complete strangers while out and about, but it’s best to leave the Doctors out that part of my perverted brain ^_^

* Kitty has taken to sleeping with me in the mornings after The Hubbs leaves for work. Sometimes she comes in early and sleeps with me when he’s in the shower. When this happens, The Hubbs finds her cuddled up in the crook of my arm when I’m passed right out.. For some reason, tonight, she’s decided that she’s gonna sleep with me. Strange kitty.

* I think I may have figured out how to get my hair to cooperate with me. After I wash my hair and have it wrapped up in a towel to absorb the excess water, I run one of my O Canada Soapworks Skin Silk bars through my hair before blow drying. Once I get this regimen down pat again, my hair will finally feel decent. Having ridiculously thick and coarse hair with curl is rather troublesome. When my hair is uber-moisturized (read: I actually spend the time to massage my scalp with some form of oil) it feels absolutely gorgeous and looks quite sexy. Currently I’m using the Milk & Honey scented bar for my hands and my hair and for my skin, I’m using the Eczema bar which is unscented and really good for super sensitive skin. This is by far my favourite means of moisturizing and all the scent options are really yummy. Friends of ours had originally introduced us to O Canada Soapworks a few years back. They’re more into the huge variety of soap creations on offer, but I’m more into moisturizing options. On the long weekend, I had picked up four skin silks (cold & flu, milk & honey, oatmeal, cocoa butter) and two lip silks (Canadian maple, Mocha chocolate). Love, love, their products.

Sleep calls.


2 thoughts on “Random things to say…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Well I’m not using a heating pad anymore… but she does like squishing herself between the two pillows at the head of the bed. I have no idea why other than it could be because she then gets her own pillow for neck support on one end and butt support on the other :P

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