Saw Cow-Stamp Doc yesterday…

Also known as my Endocrinologist.

Well… uhm. There’s not a whole lot to say to be honest.

It turns out he’s been getting follow up letters from ~all~ my other specialists and has been keeping track of what’s going on. I didn’t realize that they were sending him stuff, too. I thought it was only Family Doc that was receiving updates. Goes to show you what happens when I don’t see the man for two years when he has a generally loose policy of not needing to see me unless something big happens — I thought the PAH was something big but apparently it wasn’t, in his mind, seeing as it’s a secondary disease to SALLY. -_-;

He basically went over my drug list, gave me a renewal prescription that will hopefully last 18 months (instead of just a year) and told me that he would be anxiously awaiting any future letters that will come because it’s like watching an ABC Soap Opera, you never know what’s going to happen next! I think I would’ve preferred him to have made some cheezy House reference than to tell me my life is like a Soap Opera… but I guess he is right. The drama (llamas!) in my life is just ridiculous.

His only other comment on all this health stuff is that I’ve been “doubly blessed”. Personally, I think it’s just plain shitty bad luck.


Other than that, a few of the points that he brought up:

* No more babies — He basically confirmed what I didn’t want to hear. There’s no longer the glimmer of hope that we might be able to consider having babies and the conversation is pretty much done forever more. Even if I sat down, thought about it (il)logically and tried to bullshit myself, it couldn’t be done. I’m taking far too many life-sustaining toxic drugs. Getting off any one of them would be a detrimental experiment that is just not worth the danger in anybody’s mind. I’ve known that for awhile, but I guess I kind of hoped that like in the past, Cow-Stamp Doc would try to convince me there was still the possibility of jumpstarting things. He didn’t even go there yesterday and that made me sad.

* Sex? Sex! — So because of all the stuff I’m taking, Cow-Stamp Doc brought up the topic of lack of libido. If I should ever feel that it’s just not happenin’ for me, we can re-explore the option of getting me on testosterone. From what I recall a bunch of years back, it didn’t actually do anything for me. I forgot to mention that to him yesterday, as it didn’t occur to me until after I’d left the hospital. Perhaps it would just require a higher doseage (like everything else, in my drugged up life), but I do recall that one or more of our drug plans didn’t cover the testerone because I’m not a guy and Doctor Fish had actually given me a ridiculous amount of testosterone samples when she found out about my predicament.

As a side thought to the whole sex/libido topic: I know that the Viagra isn’t known for making any difference whatsoever in the sex department for women, but for whatever reason, ever since I’ve been on it, I’ve certainly noticed an increase in the “interest & activity department” over let’s say, the last three years. Now that I think about it, Cow-Stamp Doc seems to be pretty big on the making sure I-need-to-have-sex topic.


For some thoughts totally unrelated to the above stuff — I’m pooped. Like thoroughly, to the bone, pooped.

For one, I’ve been hungover the last two mornings and have had to force myself to get up earlier than my body would like. Yesterday was of course Cow-Stamp Doc at 1015am. Then I went to the bank to deposit all the rolled coinage that The Hubbs had in his ginormo Coke Bottle piggy bank. Then I drove over to the pharmacy to drop off my prescriptions for the next 18 months and stopped in at Mom & Dad’s to pick up a T5 for income tax & have some breakky.

Needless to say, breakky lasted a lot longer than I planned — once we had breakfast, Dad took Baby Bro to the walk-in clinic cuz he was feeling miserable (I think he has either The Plague or The Cold of Doom) and then I went with mom to T&T Market for a couple of hours of roaming/shopping, but not before we came back home so I could drop off all my stuff and do my afternoon meds. My day finally ended around 4ish and I spent the night in bed watching Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea with The Hubbs. (I actually enjoyed this movie, as opposed to being feeling rather meh about the last few Studio Ghibli releases.)

Today, I had to get up and go to the other hospital to get my Viagra for the month but decided to park across the street at Sunridge Mall. Yes it was unlawful of me to not want to pay the $1.75 for parking for the 5 minutes I’m actually in the hospital, that would be the term Mom and/or Dad would use, but it’s been getting progressively nicer as the week’s gone by and I wanted to try a little bit of exercise :P

So I made a round trip from the mall parking lot, through the main hospital entrance, to the outpatient pharmacy, through the Outpatient Clinic entrance and back around to the mall parking lot. I am mighty impressed with myself ^_^ It would appear that my left leg seriously does not like walking, it cramped up something fierce when I finally got to the car and plopped down for a drink. I still can’t figure out what’s causing all the pain because it’s the exact same pain as when Sally first started and I was still working at the spa where both my quads felt like the muscle fibres were being torn in opposite directions and completely locking up.

Once somewhat re-hydrated, I had to stop off at the bank once more and then when I got home I had the brilliant idea to unload and load the dishwasher and do a couple final dishes by hand before I made myself some lunch and sat my completely exhausted self in front of the computer.

Seriously, I’m so done for the week.


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