Things that make me nervous…

New laptops.

The Hubbs decided that it was high time we got me a replacement for Bubbles.

I was planning on waiting til my birthday, but The Hubbs deemed it more important to get it this weekend. Mainly because he’s been feeling rather poopy about his new work lately and we had the money already stashed away for the purchase.

So I haz a new laptop. Its name is, for the moment, Ponyo.

Other than that… uhhh… I was totally stoned out of my gourd last night and we went to DQ for dinner. As I mentioned to the boys, I had a Flamethrower burger + Blue Wang Freeze. For those unaware, a freeze is basically vanilla soft serve mixed partially with DQ’s Arctic Rush fruity slurpee thing. In this case, “Blue Wang” is blue raspberry.

Yesterday’s excitement also included the purchase of a brand new pink, staple-free stapler. Yes, I just said that I got excited by a pink staple-free stapler. I think part of the excitement happened to be because I was stoned and I was out in public. I am so very exciting. :P


4 thoughts on “Things that make me nervous…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      OMG I JUST saw that on ThinkGeek and totally *squeed* ^^;
      The Hubbs said that it was cute, but there was a lack of instant gratification if I had bought the Kitty stapler instead of the pink one we did yesterday, at Chapters ^_^
      P.S. Walking around in public while stoned makes me pick up a LOT of random shit.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Well that doesn’t help me if you’re not here!
      Or perhaps I should just get you to transcribe me a bunch of recipes for The Hubbs to cook whilst I am stoned :D

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