Seems like this just isn’t my week.

Had what I am assuming is my last appointment with Rheumy this afternoon.

The appointment was ridiculously behind schedule and she had some intern/resident guy tagging along with her.

As The Hubbs said in his Facebook status:

Some Doctors really care, some doctors pretend to care, some doctors just want you out of the office so they can get back to counting the days to retirement. Just my observation of many doctors over the last 3 years. Just finished a visit with one of the last types and I found myself wondering why we were even there.

She asked me all sorts of questions, of which she’s NEVER done in the past, and I had no answers for her because I was rather stunned that she exhibited any notion of interest in what was going on with me & SALLY.

So, in essence, I looked like a completely stoned idiot. As far as my tests show, everything looks stable being on the Imuran, so she has nothing to recommend, as usual, but hey! It looked like she really cared about what she was saying in front of the resident guy ¬_¬


Her recommendation for when I should have my next appointment is in 4-6 months. This will basically put me either just before or just after she’s retired and gone. So much for that mythical appointment where I see both Rheumy’s at the same time to make for a smooth transition.

As she so pleasantly put it, she’s sent my file to the “clinical triage” so they will hopefully send me on my way to be seen by Rheumy II. I asked her at what point should I be concerned about having not received a call about my new Rheumy and she said basically in July. What she’s really saying is: If you haven’t heard anything by July, WHEN I’M GONE, then start worrying.


Anywho, to make things all better, The Hubbs & I had a super late lunch/early dinner and I got a Blue Wang Freeze to ease the pissiness that I incurred.

Next week: Ass-Early CAT Scan + Family Doc.


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