Pain… out of control…. Houston, we have a problem.

I’m having way too many days of pain that includes way too much of my pain medication.

So much so that I’ve actually increased the doseage for both the Dilaudid and the Ativan.

I need Familiy Doc to come up with a new solution ASAP. I can’t keep doing this.

I’m getting pretty desperate about it.

Only good(?) thing about the ridiculous doseage I’ve been taking + the Viagra is that I’m having more sex than I have in the last 3 years.

So strange. Stoned + Pain = Sex, plzkthxbai.

I’m so done with this whole needing drugs thing, I really really am.

Want to curl up into ball and die everytime I have to take them.


2 thoughts on “Pain… out of control…. Houston, we have a problem.

  1. You need to pass me some of those nice drugs…I’ve been in “rarrrr, don’t touch me, I huuuurt” mode for weeks and weeks and weeks. Von’s a very patient sweet man who obviously loves me madly.
    But this isn’t about me…I’m so sorry you’re having to take so many drugs and I hope your doc can come up with some sort of combination of something that helps. I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix you. :(
    *gentle hugs*

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Should I assume that your doctor(s) aren’t as understanding as my current Fam Doc is with dispening with pain meds? :(
      Cuz if you’re hurting that bad, you need to get someone to recognize that you need something stronger than what you’re currently working with. I realize that it sounds like I’m all for ‘pushing drugs’, but if they get you out of pain, it means you can actually accomplish doing things… like living (albeit, for me, sleeping is usually appreciated as well).
      *hugs* I hope you feel better and someone acknowledges the pain issues you’ve got going on and help you get onto some better pain management stuffs.
      For me it’s slow going, but at least I know I have my backup stuff until we find something to manage everything a little better.

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