Little things are awesome…

Like having a new mouse — in Ladybug form!

The Hubbs got me a cute little mouse from a company called Pat Says Now.

I haz me a ladybug mouse ^_^

The only complaint I have is that it’s not wireless, so now I’m trying to unkink the usb cord of its inherent kinkiness.

It’s so strange going back to having a mouse attached to Tiny Bubbles!


Now for something completely unrelated: Grocery store rotisserie chickens.

Can we say blech? Ech!

Still going on with the tapering off of the Anti-D’s, I’ve been a useless pile of goo, to put it politely. I still can’t wake up at a decent hour, I’ve still got pain, I’m still taking more drugs than I care to, and I am still not cooking (or eating) proper meals.

Yesterday I was all gung ho about going to T&T Market sometime today so I could pick up some stuff for dindin the rest of the week. A bottle of kimchi, some korean rice cakes for soup, some rice noodles, frozen dumplings, veggies, etc etc etc…

No go.

The weather did something horrifying overnight and it was game over from the moment I didn’t wake up. *sigh* So when The Hubbs called at lunch time to see if I was awake, had taken my Viagra and eaten anything yet, he asked what was up for dindin… or maybe I asked him, I don’t remember anymore. He suggested a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and I said yes just because I couldn’t think of anything better. The only thing I did request during his stop-over at the store was a bag of coleslaw mix and a loaf of garlic bread. I dunno what it is about garlic bread that makes me crave it so, but it does. Especially when paired with a nice medium rare steak. Mmmm…. bloody steak.

Anyhow, he brought home a rotisserie chicken. I’ve noticed this in the past, but those chickens just aren’t good eats :( I figured maybe it was just me and my pickiness, but no, they are not in fact good eats in any way, shape or form — when the leg & thigh meat is as dry, if not drier, than breast meat, there’s something very wrong. It makes me sad that people actually eat this stuff, consider it a well made roast chicken and enjoy it.

The only way I managed to force down eating the leg with thigh attached, was with a large serving of very gloppy macaroni salad. That too, while passable, is still very troubling to me.

Anyhow, I pretty much made the decision to ixnay any future purchases of grocery store rotisserie chickens. Of course, whilst at the store, The Hubbs also found out that they sell not only overcooked roast chickens for quick take-out dinners, but also roast beef in a mightily disturbing cadaver-grey colour, because it’s more than likely been cooked way past what would be considered well done, and Roast Ham… which we assume is probably also cooked to the point of bone dry sawdust. Of those three choices, the beef & chicken are automatic no’s, and we’re somewhat hesitant, yet curious, (and supremely tentative) about the ham. So perhaps on another crap day, The Hubbs will pick up a ham and we’ll see how badly that will go for dinner…


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