I am totally wiped out @.o

I had a rather busy day:

* Woke up at 900am(!!), went to the bank, got passport photos, breakky @ Mom & Dads after photos, trip to T&T market, back to Mom & Dad’s and then had durian for snacky before coming home, I had left just after three.

So Mom had bought a durian sometime last week. It was tasteh! I realize that the smell is pretty foul for most people, but the flavour.. oh my goodness the flavour! Okay, admittedly, a lot of people wouldn’t even like the flavour today – it was very garlicky/oniony today. But it was so smooth and creamy like ice cream because it was still chilled from being in the garage! So good. :9

* Got home and then unloaded everything from Eggnog, and unloaded/reloaded the dishes… did a few more by hand cuz I need them for dindin tonight… OMG I still have to make dindin and yorkies!

At least the Frog Dish is easy tonight – fry breakfast sausages while the yorkies bake and make gravy… omg I’m already so hot and tired now!

I got ambitious — I bought all (at least I’m hoping so) the ingredients to make a small batch of kimchi. Yup, I actually moved forward to step one. Well, in all truthfulness, because I’m making the kimchi for Dad, and mainly as an experiment, Mom insisted on paying for the veggies.

So. Either tomorrow I will start the kimchi or I’ll do it Caturday.

The only way it’ll happen tomorrow is if I happen to have a repeat performance of last week’s ‘cimmamon bun episode’.


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