Hrmmm….. Day 1 Post-new meds

Uhmm.. yea.


I started the Lyrica last night.

I dunno how I feel about it — There’s a lot of “uhm-ing” going on in this current thought process as I’ve been having a LOT of recurring pain in the last couple of months and I don’t know how long I should realistically be expecting to wait before the drug does it’s “proper thing”.

Here’s where my predicament lies: The Lyrica works. Sort of. I took it last night and found that it made my pain come & go in waves. The interesting thing about it is that when I had the pain, I felt the pain, but it was just manageable and then it would just drift away. Literally, it would slowly increase, peak, level out and then it would drift away and I wouldn’t care. Then it would slowly increase, peak, lelvel out and then the pain would drift away again and I wouldn’t care. The not caring part was really, REALLY weird. I was so tired (drowsiness side effect) I would be in the middle of semi-consciousness as the pain would start and then I would drift off again drowsily as the pain diminished.

My dilemma is this: Family Doc gave me the option/instructions originally of if taking 75mg of the Lyrica doesn’t really work for me after 2-3 weeks, I can bump up the doseage to 150mg. I just don’t know if I should continue on for the two weeks taking only 1 tablet a night or just go straight to taking 2 because of yesterday’s whole weird “wavy pain” experience.

Sooo, yea. That’s what’s going on, I guess o_O;;


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