The British Chippy

First off, I have to say this: I really shouldn’t have built up such “high expectations” of this place in my head as much as I did.

As I said to The Hubbs on our drive just outside of town, post-passport application & post-lunch, I hate to say that the place was disappointing, but it was. Hugely so, and I was rather sad to even make that admission.

I guess what I was hoping for was a little place like Alberta King of Subs — a small place for locals to eat with functional seating and good, simple, comfort food. In this case, for relocated Brits to go for a good dose of proper fish and chips. Or, in my case, a good steak & kidney pie.. with chips.


No such luck at The British Chippy.


HIGH hopes dashed away with my first bite of unsalted/unseasoned Brit chips. The texture of the chips and the colour were what I could consider pretty spot on. The taste… not so much. Overall, they boil down to being french fried potatoes that were pretty tasty, once salted and vinegared, or dunked into curry sauce. Speaking of the curry sauce, I have no idea if it’s homemade or it’s just an instant packet that they use. No clue, but it was decent enough for my liking and expectations.

The mushy peas on the other hand… I will say this: they were in fact mushy and they were in fact green. Very, very green… but so tasteless. Not at all seasoned or salted. I realize that their whole philosophy about food is “Combining a passion for organic healthy food with ‘Home-Style’ cooking.” and that “Our mushy peas are freshly made without any colouring or preservatives”, which would essentially mean that it doesn’t come in the traditional form of marrowfat peas in a can, but really, NO salt or pepper? NO butter or seasonings? NO flavour, at all? Even The Hubbs, who’s had mushy peas before in London(!), gave me the most bizzarre face when he tried them. Nothing other than green, mushy, peas.

The Hubbs’ order of haddock, while pretty impressive to see, missed the mark on taste. It was okay, but he wouldn’t drive as far south as we did today in order to have fish & chips, even if we were on the south side of the city to begin with. For him, even the chips weren’t that great. His first choice is still Pelican Pier. Even the fish & chips at Joey’s Only, for him, were better. I think it has something to do with the bottomless quantity of tartar sauce available to him. The British Chippy asks if you want tartar sauce with your fish, while very tasty, you only get a small ramekin-full.

Which leaves us with my steak & kidney pie. I just have one thing to say about it — I’m still on the lookout for a killer steak & kidney pie. I won’t bother going into my recurring disappointments with this dish.

So what did I get from today that was at least good? An Irn Bru, a ramekin of curry sauce with decent enough Brit chips for my likings and a taste of a pretty good tartar sauce. For $30. Ouch.


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