Shake’n’Baking the Moose.

Slang terms for the Dilaudid include: moose, hospital heroin, drugstore heroin, shake & bake or “shake ‘n’ shoots” (referring to the solvet-like solubility of the instant-release tablets which only required brief agitation (no heating) to render them dissolved and ready for injection), peaches, and others.

From now on, for future reference, “I am shake’n’baking the Moose.” That’s a much more agreeable euphemism for ‘drugged up’ for my liking. The boys seem to enjoy it, too. Most applicable for a Canadian girl, too ^_^


I dunno where the hell my pain is coming from or going to. It’s not the same as my normal pain, this is an altogether different beast that is still driving me mental and I’m pretty sure that it’s the Lyrica that’s messing me up.

The Hubbs is highly displeased.

In fact, he’s actually rather angry and upset at a few of my doctors for meddling in my pain management treatment. He pointed out tonight that I was dealing with the pain fine up until it was recommended I start the Anti-D’s. Now things have just gone to hell in a hand basket. He wants me to let Family Doc know that this really, really isn’t working for me. Going from 2-3x/week with the pain meds to almost every single night for the last 3 months is not an acceptable way to go.

We’ve entirely messed up my body and I’m having an absolutely bitch of a time getting my pain down to where it used to be.

We might have to consider going back to the no-treatment route after all.

So tonight, I am once again Shake & Baking the Moose. -_-



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