Ow… I shook the moose too hard last night.

…And I really shouldn’t be awake for at least another 1.5-2.0 hours @.o

The only reason why I’m up way before my alarm is set to go off is because I figured it would take me this long to:

a) feed the cats and uncone kitty so she can eat
b) recone Kitty after she’s eaten
c) have a coconut juice to rehydrate, make & eat breakfast + coffee
d) shower & cool down (to minimize sweating factor later on)
e) have another sweet’n’strong coffee
f) get myself over to Sinus Guy’s office

Only problem is that I woke up far too early… and so coordination is off, ability to focus is off and balance is way, way off.

And might I add: it’s so convenient having an alarm clock again! Especially one that doesn’t tick or glow excessively brightly at night!

Urgh.. brain… not… wired… properly…


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