Chicken and dumplings?

Here’s the thing: I’ve never made chicken & dumplings before and I have no idea as to how it’s supposed to work. I understand that a lot of recipes use Bisquick for the dumpling component of the recipe and just drop the mixture by spoonfuls into the boiling chicken broth and that makes something like a floaty… ball of dough. Then there’s another method where you roll out a dough mixture and cut crude noodle-like shapes out of it and drop them into the soup and let them do their thing as well.

I’m so confused!

I figured if anything, perhaps I’d just make my life easier and make a batch of spaetzle to drop into the simmering chicken broth and let them cook until they float, which I guess wouldn’t be much different than the crude-noodle dumplings.

Thing is, I’m tempted to wimple out of the dumpling experiment after I remembered there’s a bag of frozen rice cakes in my freezer.

If I use the rice cakes, obviously my chicken and dumplings are not going to taste the same as if I were to use traditional flour dumplings, but it will still taste good. I don’t imagine it will turn out the way it’s supposed to in my head, nothing ever does, but the rice cakes don’t require any work on my part and I like the taste and texture of them. After I completely de-nude my three simmering chicken carcasses, put the meat back into the pot, I’ll let everything boil until the rice cakes are cooked and it makes everything a little bit thicker.

What prompted all this? Well, it was time to get rid of the chicken bodies in the freezer. I was accumulating far too many of them and at last count, before this afternoon’s c&d making, it was at around 6 or 7 and I still have at least three two remaning: one is from another roast chicken dinner like the three currently bubbling away in the pot and the remaining two have more of a chinese flavour to them, so they’ll be used for rice porridge at a later date…. when I remember they’re in there and I feel up to making joak.

So hopefully it will work out. Who knows, maybe I’ll scrap the rice cake idea at last minute and end up making some dumplings after all or perhaps make spaetzle, instead.

[Edit: I just de-nuded the three carcasses that were in the pot and discovered that either A) I have too much chicken broth or B) Not enough chicken meat. So I tossed in the last remaining roast chicken carcass into the pot along with the hand-shredded meat that I just picked off every minute bone, a bayleaf (just cuz) and a frozen cheese rind for extra salty goodness. I also discovered that one of my carcasses was hiding a slice of bacon inside, so that went back into the pot as well. We’ll see how things go in another couple of hours after the final carcass simmers to add more flavour to the pot. 328pm]


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