Messy bread

I am so beyond bored today, it’s not even funny. For whatever reason, it’s always a Tuesday that I desperately wanna play WoW early in the morning. And by ‘early’ I mean somewhere around 10am. Being patch day, I’m stuck. Blargh.

Anyhow, I pulled out of the freezer a completely unidentifyable container for dinner. Its contents are red/tomatoey and meaty. Beyond that, I have no clue as to what it might be. The only obvious things that comes to mind are spaghetti sauce or chilli. So, going on those two possibilties, I’m finally getting around to making the rice cooker bread that I wanted to experiment with a few weeks back. I’m not entirely certain as to how this is going to turn out, and to be honest, I’m actually a little bit concerned.

My primary reason for concern is that my digital scale is inaccurate at doing metric, at best. It can measure larger quantities, but it’s an absolute pain in the ass when it comes to small quantities. In fact, it’s totally useless at small quantities. So I had to wing it.

I needed 5g of yeast and my stupid scale wouldn’t register anything between 4 and 6 grams. Sometimes it would even register zero when I shook the container around to try and recalibrate the contents inside. Rawr. Then I just gave up entirely on working with the metric quantities and used this recipe as my guide. I’m hoping it works.

I added the yeast to the warm water + the sugar so they’d have something to eat and grow, instead of just putting it straight into the flour mixture. The remaining ingredients, minus the butter, went into the flour mixture, as stated.

I’m rather proud that I managed to mix everything together into a cohesive ball by hand, but I was pretty worried that my hand would cramp up and seize, which it’s prone to doing at random times, because joints were starting to twitch on their own. It’s pretty painful and unattractive looking to see my hand seize up, into a contorted monster pose until it relaxes.

The only super messy part of this recipe is kneading the butter, into the dough, by hand. I still don’t know that it worked. It’s a greasy ball of sticky ooze at the moment, sitting inside the rice cooker, on the warm setting. I’m worried that the warm setting might be too much for the dough and it’ll die on me. That would be very, very upsetting.

So, here I sit: Hour 1 of 2 for rising.

Even more fun will come with the 3 hours of baking :P

[…time passes…1229pm…]

I took a peek into the rice cooker just to check to see that it wasn’t dying from excessive heat on the keep warm setting.


It’s growing!! :D

I’m turning the keep warm setting OFF for the second rise.

[…more time passes…237pm…]

Hmmm……Having doubts again as to whether this bread will work.

Rice cooker automatically switches to a “keep warm” setting after the rice is cooked, so continuous “baking” for 1 hour is not feasible.

I guess we’ll just go with the instructions and cross fingers that it works as time goes by.

11 minutes left of Baketime #1.

On a slightly different topic: It takes me 26 minutes to walk from my house, through the park, along the paved pathway, to the school, around the school and back to my house… without The Stick… And it would appear that I walk with a limp, with or without The Stick because my quads do something freakish @.o

[…11 minutes pass…]

Hrmm… my bread looks kina anemic after that first baking :(

I think I’m going to have to press the cook button twice during the bakings to get a golden brown colour on each side and not let it go to the keep warm setting. Hopefully after Baketime #2 it’ll look the way it’s supposed to in the original video and I can get side #1 baked through, as well.

[…31 minutes remaining on baketime#2…]

I think I borked my cooker.

I forgot that once it gets to a certain temperature and you try to cook things again, it won’t reset itself, so I it’s now on keep warm again -_-;

Grr… but damn the bread is nice and soft :P

I might have to consider throwing it into the oven just to bake it properly.

…Mind you…

Bread is supposedly done when the internal temperature comes to 200F


I dunno that this is gonna work afterall…but damn the bread FEELS really nice!

[…415pm…final cooking cycle…]

So, one of the girls just made a point to me about my bread: because it’s so soft and anemic looking (and omg does it smell so buttery!) – it might be more like a ginormo Chinese steamed bun instead of a traditional baked loaf of bread :o I hadn’t actually considered that line of thought. O_O;

So now I have to cross my fingers that it’s done. The rice cooker was pretty steamy when I pulled the bread out to flip one last time, so I’m hoping that Bell is correct. I wonder what the internal temperature for steamed bread is? Bread making should not cause this much anxiety in me. It really, shouldn’t.


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