Never in my life…

Have I witnessed so many 3XXXL Otakus in one place, at one time, at any Calgary event.

… SO many males with long unkempt hair and gotees that perpetrate the 3XXXL-lacking-in-personal-hygiene-skills and so many XXXL females in corsetted (renfaire-esque?) outfits incapable of walking in modestly tippy heels. The other costume of choice was the butt assed naked, blue-skinned Avatar girls walking around. One blue-skinned girl I saw, NOT trying to be an Avatar recreation, was dressed in a really well made Mystique costume from X-Men. Strangely enough, I actually felt “normal-sized” amongst the ridiculous numbers of people attending. o_O;

Bright and early this morning, I went to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo for the first time in my life with The Hubbs & his brother B. I was impressed we got there as early as we did given that the doors didn’t open til 945am and I’m not generally a morning person.

This year’s lineup of guests, was pretty amazing, just to mention a few: Leonard Nimoy, Malcom McDowell, Billy Dee Williams, Brent Spiner, Aaron Douglas, Tamoh Penikett, Tony Todd and of course many, many more I’m not familiar with.

The Hubbs and I didn’t go for the autograph signings or the photo-ops, but B did for Spock & Data, which was okay because it gave us the opportunity to roam the floors to see what was out there. I did, on the other hand, get a pic taken of me and B with a voluteer Stormtrooper, which was alright.

For me, there wasn’t much to be had, but for twenty bucks a piece, I came away with a Nom Nom Nom Sammich Tee and The Hubbs found himself a Series II Night Elf Druid model. Other than admission (and a very large lemonade) we actually did very well by not spending money ^_^

Would I do a Calgary Comicon again? Mmmm… truthfully, I doubt it. Unless there were some Canadian Web Comic artists that were to show up, like perhaps Bear Nuts’ Alison Acton or if Von Allen (and his wonderful Moggy!) showed, I would consider it. Of course if there were a celebrity or two that I was totally excited to see, I would consider another visit, but overall I imagine this to be my one go of things.

And so, after spending three hours walking the Round Up Centre, I leave you my hard earned pic of the day:

A group of stormtroopers discussing things as a committee.

5 thoughts on “Never in my life…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Re: Tamoh Penikett SEX!!!!!!!
      Hehehehe… and of course everyone in Calgary for the expo is now being subjected to the APRIL BLIZZARD FROM HELL!

  1. Ooooooh heeeeey!!! What a nice thing to stumble across!!! :D And I have to say, getting to hang out with YOU would be good incentive to go to the Con!
    We might actually go next year…maaaaybe. The manager of a local comic shop (Another Dimension) tried to talk us into it this year but between my sister’s baby and my stuff, the timing just wasn’t great. Who knows what 2011 will bring! :D
    Yer awesome. <3

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Well if the AD guys convince you to come out next year, I can always spend the day with you doing stuff OTHER than convention activities :D

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