I dunno how I feel about this…

But I’m supposed to start taking the H.Morph this afternoon… today will be the startings of being shake’n’baked all day long.

This worries me somewhat because I don’t know that I wanna be making friends with The Moose 24 hours a day :(

T-Minus 5 minutes.

(This is gonna get in the way of my leveling in WoW!)


2 thoughts on “I dunno how I feel about this…

  1. How’s it going? *hug*
    I stayed home today…shaked ‘n baked. I hate the drugs but I hate even more that I have to go to work tomorrow and go without the drugs all day. :(

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      For the moment, I am… okay, surprisingly.
      I do have a bit of a headache though :(
      I’m not sure if I should expect my brain to shut down in the next hour…I should probably prep dindin while I still have some brain cells left and make a batch of cookie dough for my date tomorrow :P
      How’re you feeling? (Chocolate) Mousse-y? ;D

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