Thoughts on candy making…

Full batch of Fleur de Sel Toffee? Sure!

Half batch of Fleur de Sel Toffee? Better!

Full batch of Scottish Tablet? Easy!

Double batch of Scottish Tablet? NOT SO EASY.

It would seem that spring is the time of year for Brits to come to Calgary for visits. Not only is Brit-BIL’s sister here for a visit, but Bril-SIL’s sister & her hubby are also visiting!

And because it would seem that I’m just that kind of person, I’ve taken orders from each respective household for goodies they might each like. It started last week with one batch of Scottish Tablet and of course the Fleur de Selt Toffee for a girlfriend.

This morning at brunch, I was gently poked in the leg by Brit-SIL’s sister to get my attention and asked if I would mind baking baby banana cakies. But they have to be in the baby bundt pans. I’m not entirely sure how that came about, but Brit-SIL went all misty eyed and excited at the mention of those pans, specifically. I did mention that I have other pans if they would prefer (buglets), but I think the bundts are pretty much their thing. So at some point, I shall be making those. On top of the banana cakies, the topic of Scottish Tablet came up and the whole table of women (Brit-SIL, her sister & their cousin) got all swooney at the mention. The boys were rather indifferent, I think, for the most part and I just enjoy making it. And just because it’s Brit-SIL’s fave, I’m going to make her a pan of lemon squares at some point, perhaps for delivery along with the banana cakies. She doesn’t know about the lemon squares, but she will be thrilled, that much I know.

So for the last fourty-five minutes, I have undertaken the task of a double batch of Tablet. It’s not easy. In fact, I think in the future I might just stick to doing single batches in succession as opposed to this monster potful of molten hot milk-sugar… I think I have a blister on my right index finger from the constant stirring o_O;;;

Anywho. It’s done. It’s a scary amount of sugar sitting on the counter cooling off.

Depending on how I’m feeling in the next hour or so, we might be heading to Brit-SIL’s cousin’s place for a BBQ — then I can give everyone their sugar fixes. It’ll make for a nice hostess gift for the cousin, since she’s not exactly expecting it outright. She was super thrilled with the batch I gave her when we were at Brit-SIL’s for Christmas Eve dindin.

So yea. Those are my thoughts on sugar-making


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