Is it a bad thing….

That I’m sitting in the kitchen with the blinds still closed, unable/unwanting to move, even to get up to make breakfast?

The amount of energy and motivation required to get myself out of bed was just enormous and now all I can do is sit here because I’m too tired to make myself something to eat.

There’s a sinkful of dishes that NEED to be done, a clean dishwasher that NEEDS to be unloaded and a bunch of bananas on the counter that NEED to be baked into cakies.

I’m just so… done.

As much as I was joking with Fam Doc for him to put me out of my misery, and he said he wasn’t ready to do that yet, I’m just so miserable. The pain is so tiring. The inability to do normalcy, again, is exhausting and I really just want to sleep 24hours a day. But I can’t. Because I hurt. Even if I take all the medication available to me, I can’t sleep.

Please, just go away?


2 thoughts on “Is it a bad thing….

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I was planning on making banana cakies for Brit-SIL and her sister :(
      I might still… that way I can set up the dishwasher to do a load then I’ll have pots & pans to make dindin in -_-;

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