It’s aliiiiiiiiive!!!

It’s May Long!

Guess what that means? GARDEN CENTRES ARE OPEN!!

Officially (unofficially?) it means that the likelihood of frost happening in Calgary has passed and so bedding plants and seedlings can go into the ground and hopefully survive until fall.

Last night The Hubbs diid a little garden tidying and planted 2 kinds of squash seeds: zucchinis & UFO/pattypans. Today, we hit up IGA’s garden centre and picked out a nicely established roma tomato plant for the garden and 2 hanging baskets — one “Hippo” plant (Fuschia), one cherry tomato.

One of the old hanging baskets we transplanted some chives into in hopes that it’ll take root nicely and establish itself so we can hack out the massively growing chives in the garden. We also have a few stalks of asparagus doing wonderfully, so far ^_^

As a brief conversation earlier, while we were out driving, The Hubbs asked me if I would like to get that greenhouse I’ve always wanted. That’s a pretty sweet idea that I’m kind of excited about, but also scared about seeing as my abilities to do much upkeep on stuff is pretty minimal… but could you imagine? A greenhouse?? With veggies growing early spring until fall?? OMG that would be so awesome. We could grow the jalapenos and bell peppers they were selling at the garden centre this year!

*vibrates audibly*


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