Yesterday was not a great day.

It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great… like usual. Actually… it was horrible at first, but then it turned into just not great.

I was torn straight out of sleep because of pain and then had to make friends with the Moose first thing in the morning. Because of The Moose, The Hubbs called my parents to see if they could take me in to see Fam Doc for my appointment yesterday. There was no way in the world I could have driven myself safely, once The Moose kicked in. Not what I would call fun times.

Fam Doc gave me a new prescription yesterday – we’re going to try Cymbalta now. I guess it’s supposed to work kina like the Anti-Ds did: Primarily used for depression, but just happens to also do good things for fibromyalgia (which I do not have) and neuropathic pain (Fam Doc has determined that I do have)…. so they work on different receptors in the brain.

He’s decided that we’re going to go about my pain treatment kina like you would a spaghetti sauce (this is his analogy, not mine!): you add a bit of this, add a bit of that and it’ll make it taste all good in the end as opposed to just dumping a whole mess-load of oregano into the sauce and then all you can taste is oregano :P~ In this case, the oregano is The Moose. The “this & that” would be whatever we experiment with in hopes of finding something that can balance things out some and make it so we don’t continuously use The Moose in larger and larger doses.

As usual, I’m to play around with the dosing of the Cymbalta: start with 30mg/day for a week or two, and if that doesn’t do much then double it to 60mg/day until I see him again in 3 weeks time. The bonus with the Cymbalta would be that it might help me feel less helpless, hopeless and upset about the way things are going. It’s getting to be pretty rough the last few weeks and when we go back and think of the meds we’ve tried and have failed with me, it gets me feeling pretty much done with it all.

For my records, we’ve tried and failed with: Oxycodone, Elavil, Lyrica, and Cesamet.
Drugs that are currently working: Ativan, Hydromorph Contin and Dilaudid.
Drugs to be determined: Cymbalta.

In the meantime, he’s going to do more research and do more thinking over the next few weeks on what he could possibly try using on me next, that might bring some relief, should the Cymbalta fail.

Other things to note — for my next round of monthly labwork, he’s given me 2 requisitions to get filled with new tests. The last few weeks I’ve been dealing with the whole low-grade fever thing again on a pretty regular basis, so he’s just checking to be on the safe side that there’s no infection hiding out somewhere in my system which is causing all this extra added grief. I also mentioned the stupid amounts of sweating and we both figure it’s probably the Moose talking, but again, just to be on the safe side, we’ll test my thyroid. More pokey-pokey-stabby-stabby than I want, but it makes sense in the end.

As a side thought to the whole Cesamet experiment, Fam Doc suggested that if I’m game, see if I can find me some of the “real stuff” to make cookies or brownies with. o_O;; Ya. Srsly. He said that from his experiences in Uni (cuz everyone at some point in their lives have done it in Uni… except me, it seems), whenever he took a hit, it always gave him the greatest sleep of his life. The synthetic stuff was made for a reason — to avoid having to fill out the 30 page application for the government approved medicinal stuff. It’s easier to dispense/dose and it sort of bridges a gap, but it’s not perfect.

SO. If anyone has a ~small~ batch of brownies or cookies on hand that they’d like to share, I’m totally open to receiving “Feel Better Soon!” packages :P~ Just make sure you mention to me at some point “what kind of treats” they are so I don’t suddenly gorge on half a dozen in one go and then bad things happen.

Today: Seeing Kidney Guy.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday was not a great day.

  1. You know what…I had a friend lined up to try making those a few years back and then the people I was going to try ’em with all got pregnant (how inconsiderate!) ;). I’ll see if they’re game to try again…no promises but I’m seeing them tomorrow night and I’ll try to bring it up.
    Before the last few years, I’d never truly realized how hard pain can be to control…I mean, I *knew* it but I didn’t truly *understand* it. If that makes sense. I’m not in the same boat as you but it’s chronic pain and, oh my gawd, it’s miserable. I’ve gone through a ton of prescriptions to find something that blunts the pain at all…and it’s absolutely discouraging to take a pill and then wait and hope for some relief.
    I have Supeudol (oxy) right now and it does take the edge off for a couple of hours at a time…but it also gives me a killer headache, has me very ‘off’, and makes me intensely cranky and/or sleepy for a short period about 90 min after taking it (!?). I can’t take it at work (especially while the job is all in flux) so I have Tramadol for work hours…which is practically useless.
    But the reason I’m going me me me me me…is I just started taking a 12-hour slow release morphine at night to help me sleep. It hasn’t worked great so far (morphine doesn’t do much for me) but I just wondered if you’d tried it…it’s the low end of dosage (I’m taking 3 x 15mg at a time) so maybe not very useful but just in case: Ratio-Morphine Sulfate SR. (Throwing a Supeudol or two in there somewhere seems to make a difference…sort of.)
    But I just wish I could take all your pain away…the sweet ‘n good people like you should be nothing but happy and healthy!!! *hugs*

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Oh man… you’re on Oxy? I feel for you. :( Oxy only worked for the first 6 months for me and then it gave me the whammy of a migraine everytime afterwards that I took it. I was taking aspirin by the handful just to get rid of the Oxy headaches! :P~
      Pain is honestly, a pain in the butt… and other places, too, but you get my drift ^_^ I saw Kidney Guy today and I have a bunch of interesting stuff I gotta write about, but he’s going to be sending off a requisition for me to be seen by the Chronic Pain Centre people, so we’ll see what happens.
      I’m taking the Hydromorph Contin (slow/time released) at night and to be honest, I have no idea if it works anymore, which is why I’m taking The Moose as much as I am.
      I have no idea what the difference is between your Ratio-Morphine Sulfate SR and my Hydromorph Contin is… oh, from the looks of it, mine’s a derivative of morphine.
      According to Wiki: Hydromorphone is thought to be 8-10 times stronger than morphine, but with a lower risk of dependency. Hydromorphone is therefore preferred over morphine in many areas ranging from the emergency department to the operating suite to ongoing treatment of chronic pain syndromes.
      Ohhh brownies! :D I have no other words ^^;
      Will your pain go away once your surgery’s done? :( I certainly hope so… *hugs!*

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