BAAAAAAAAD Cymbalta issues

I don’t know that I can write about my appointment with Kidney Guy right now… it would seem that I am having some serious issues at the moment dealing with the Cymbalta, already.

I think I may be having anxiety issues this morning and I’ve been kind of upset thinking about the things I’ve had to do like feed the cats and make myself breakfast… getting out of bed to do those two minor activities has taken me three hours to accomplish.

*hides in bed with lots of pillows and blankets* @_@


2 thoughts on “BAAAAAAAAD Cymbalta issues

  1. Oh hun, anxiety is a bitch. I’m so sorry. It’s going to be okay, and a lot of people deal with it, especially when you have other things going on.
    *much love and support*
    Is there anything I can do?

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I’ve never experienced this before with any of my meds so it was rather upsetting. I did get over it, I think, but it wasn’t the greatest of days.
      It was weird being able to think through it or know that I was going to be okay, but not be able to deal with it. Does that make sense? Having a gf to txt msg was a good thing ^_^

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