I’m aliiiiive!!!!


Well it would seem that another drug has resulted in Epic FAIL.

For the last ten days my brain has decided to shut down all bodily functions, not to mention mental ones, to boot.

Eating was non-existent, drinking was minimal at best and anything requiring me to get out of bed didn’t happen at all. Although, surprisingly, I did make it into a hot baff with fair regularity once every second day. But that was in hopes of taking away some of the anxiety I was experiencing as well as the rather distant-feelings of pain that I still had. Even the kitties suffered during my 10 day mental hiatus — no gooshy fuds for brehfus!

I feel so horrible for having been so absent, The Hubbs, too, suffered imeasurably — no dinners made, no lunches packed, no emails received or text messages buzzed, no conversations to be had when he got home, just a limp & unconscious body that lay in bed 24 hours a day.

I had originally planned on upping my doseage on Monday night and hacking through the next 10 days until I see Fam Doc again, but I know my body wouldn’t be able to handle it. My body can’t survive off of 2 cans of ensure a day plus one cheese bun for daily sustenance.

So that’s the end of the Cymbalta experiment. I had a tiny wee glimmer lf hope that perhaps it might work when I noticed that my pain felt like it was somewhere “over there”, but in the end the pain just felt like it was being delayed with the added cherry on top of anxiety.

Even though my last dose was friday night, I’m already feeling so much better… And damnit I’m hungry!


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