Eat Me!

I made brownies last night.

Henceforth, they will be referred to as “Eat Me! Brownies“.

I haven’t tried them yet because I had made friends with The Moose yesterday afternoon and figured that might be a little bit of overkill seeing as I wasn’t in pain by the time the brownies were done baking.

I left them to cool overnight (covered so the kitties wouldn’t get at them) and have to cut & freeze them into individual portions — probably into 16 pieces like in a normal 9″x9” pan of brownies. What I have planned is to have each of those 16 pieces cut in half and then wrapped before freezing so you get two portions per piece when you defrost them.

I am under the assumption that I will probably be trying them sometime this afternoon or this evening, given my pain hasn’t changed schedule-wise. Stupid pain, look what you make me do!!


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