I haz a new bag! :D

Cuz yanno, I have this minor *cough* bag addiction, I do.

It would seem that, with the exception of my bright pink Namaste bag that I got last summer(?) none of my bags will hold an iPad comfortably along with all the other junk I need to carry like my wallet, iPod Touch, my pouch holding HK meds case/inhaler/afternoon meds case, cell phone, etc etc etc.

The Namaste bag is so pwetty, but the magnetic closures don’t really keep things safe and secure enough for my liking. And realistically, now that i think about it: none of my bags hold all my stuff comfortably with room to spare even without the iPad taking up precious real estate. So it’s new bag time… and that time of year where I can justify one to The Hubbs ;D

Now, seeing as I have… uhhh… a rather well endowed chest (I swear that’s not my fault or even in my gene pool!) and I’m tired of the cross-over-the-chest straps to keep things in check (and subsequently cut my boobs in half in the most unattractive fashion), I’ve decided to go back to carrying a backpack for everything. It’s not pretty. It’s not remotely stylin’, but damnit, it’ll hold everything!

So I got me a new bag from MEC. I was considering the idea of getting Mec’s BIG Pod, obviously the big brother to the sling pod that I have, but I didn’t feel very comfortable with the side zip keeping an expensive toy safe from accidentally falling out if I’m rather careless in the way I open the bag. Plus it would be back to the whole “ugly boob syndrome”.

I thought I wanted the girly version of The Hubbs’ backpack, the Gregory Dipsea Daypack, that he got when we went to Montreal, but once I checked it out, it was a bit too small and just had way too much stuff going on with it – straps here, compression straps there, waist pockets here, elasticized stuff there. Admittedly, colour was a serious factor in checking out this bag. I like pockets and hidey-holes, but there’s just way too much on this bag :P

Eventually, I found this: Deuter Race X, in orange. It has everything I need: lots of pockets, but not in excessive quantities, ample amounts of room to hold a big 1L water bottle plus my other junk and it even has a hydration sleeve where I could hide the iPad in, to boot! Given that I’m having the WORST time with body temperature still, the shoulder straps are mesh, the back is mesh plus it has air channels to keep things cool and dry and get this – the most shocking fluorescent yellow rain cover that’s in a hidden pocket at the bottom of the bag where the reflector is so I can protect the bag from wet! HAH!

So yea. I got me a new bag. Again ^_^ I must admit, I am a fan of backpacks… arm hole sizes are never an issue when I use a backpack. I find it much more comfortable to wear, plus, if I think about it, it makes using a flutterbie stick a helluva lot easier in the scheme of things.

How goes your Saturday?


2 thoughts on “I haz a new bag! :D

  1. My aunt used to carry this HUGE bag. Like 80’s beach style bag for all her junk and this was pre-portable electronics age. She had her kidneys removed so she had all kinds of meds, snacks and other assorted junk in that bag. I was like 8 and the thing weighed at least 10lbs. Yeah the backpack is definitely more convenient and it’s better for your back since it’ll put the load across both shoulders.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Plus having the backpack leaves your arms free to do other stuff, which is nice… and it means you can stuff more stuff into it when you’re out and about ;D
      I guess I just wish somedays that I was normal and not have to carry all sorts of extra junk. I suppose most people carry around their own junk-stuff too, it’s just having the Flutterbie Stick makes things more complicated and far less stylish :P

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