Long Day was Long… and fun!

Yesterday was great, up until the drive back between Field, B.C. & Lake Louise, Alberta that is — my butt started rebelling against being in the car for so long.

Highway between Field, B.C. & Golden, B.C.

I have lots and lots of pics and my appologies to everyone, I’m too lazy to put a lot of this stuff under the cut, some of the pics are too neat to hide.

Golden, B.C. — I had to take the pic, I’m sorry.

For some reason, without fail, I always manage to forget stuff.

Rogers Pass Interpretive Centre

Yesterday’s weather was pretty nice for driving, but not so much for being roadtrip-y to stop off at places, hop out of the car and wander. It was freaking cold out from Lake Louise out to B.C. Wearing shorts and a tank + a hoodie is NOT enough clothing for 13C + wind & drizzle, even if I did have a rain shell in the car.

Freezing my butt off at Rogers Pass (wearing proper clothing thanks to Lake Louise)

We ended up spending too much money at Lake Louise for a new fleece (me), a Buff headthingy (me), new jacket (The Hubbs) + nice shirt (The Hubbs). The last two items weren’t actually needed, The Hubbs just happens to really, really, really, really, REALLY likes Columbia-wear. The headband thingy wasn’t really needed either, but I’m getting tired of the ugly bandanas and this thing will apparently wick away sweat because it’s made of microfiber so that’s what I’m hoping for… plus it can be worn 12 different ways (which amused me, greatly).

The new fleece in its upper body-encompassing glory at Hemlock Grove

This is what happens when The Hubbs insists of having me shooed out of the house before I have adequate time to think things through and pack things up. I forget stuff.. LOTS of stuff. I made 3 rolls of california rolls to take for snackums! I forgot how awesome homemade cali rolls were. I hate that all restaurants (and grocery stores) make them inside out with the rice on the outside with sesame seeds. Blech. Having the seaweed on the outside just makes it taste so much better. I get the super-important stuff like meds and snacks, but the “what if” stuff I totally forget.

Homeward Bound from Rogers Pass, B.C.

We got as far as a little point of interest not too far away from Rogers Pass, B.C. called Hemlock Grove Boardwalk Trail, it was so cool! It’s a 400m boardwalk inside a rather awesome little hideaway with super old-growth stand of Western Hemlock trees. I even did it without the stick! Woo! Not that 400m is particularly long, but we were a little concerned given the altitude (~1330m) that my lungs might poop out. I think the cold + humidity actually made it slightly easier to breathe.

Heading homewards, I think we finally got back to Banff at about 700pm. We had dindin at The Bison, which was nice enough, but I have to say I was kind of disappointed that their menu has changed so much considering their online menus haven’t even been updated to reflect the significant changes.

Homeward Bound

Current menu is one double-page spread of all locally and regionally sourced ingredients. They’re getting into ~that~ sort of thing. We enjoyed dinner, but I was just bummed about not seeing anything left of the old menu or the fact a good portion of the items on the new menu I couldn’t have because of wine reductions or whatever. Oh, wait, there was something that hadn’t changed: the bread basket with the accompanying frozen pat of butter, topped with coarse sea salt and extra virgin canola oil :P That hadn’t changed.

The Hubbs had wild salmon with a rather strange risotto. It may have been barley, but it definitely wasn’t rice. I had the hand-torn pasta with asparagus, pine nuts, peas, mushrooms and goat cheese. Tasty enough, but their old tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and chevre was so much tastier. No more duck carpaccio, no more fondue frites, no more lamb(!) on the menu, even.

Chocolate Tart @ The Bison

For dessert, The Hubbs had the booziest of boozy chocolate tarts (basically a flourless chocolate cake with a crazy-boozed up chocolate mousse on top with Chambord jelly on the side) and I had a vanilla smore with homemade marshmallow atop a freakingly huge cakie chocolate brownie with some macerated strawberries.

Vanilla S’More @ The Bison

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