That was interesting.

I’m not actually seeing the Liver Guy for regular treatment, it was basically a consultation for Hawt Doc. I guess there was discussion of what other options were available for my PAH given my liver seemed to be kina meh. As far as Liver Guy’s concerned, my liver is okay even though my ALT levels are consistently elevated. Even my cholesterol levels are normal, which is fab.

Given that I’m on all sorts of stuff, he doesn’t think that the Imuran is causing the liver issues, that’s a pretty rare occurance.

The interesting thing he mentioned was that he wanted to do some genetic testing just to cover all the bases. He doesn’t see there being any likelihood of me having any strange or rare conditions that’ll crop up, but on the off chance I might have Wilson’s Disease (where there’s some weird absorption issue of copper) or some other condition with the over absorption of iron, this’ll answer any of those questions. It would seem that when I went to the lab last week, they failed to do the hepatitis testing. LAB FAIL.

He doesn’t feel that there’s any need for me to have a liver biopsy but should things change in the future, it will happen.

So yea, that’s it.

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  1. Anonymous

    information that may be of some help to you
    I don’t have much time to write, but while looking for something I came across your blood…so I’m just going to through a few things out as I have just read this one story so I’m not at all familiar with your complete medical history…
    About Hemochromatosis
    The iron your body needs for the formation of hemoglobin in your red blood cells, proper brain function, a strong immune system and healthy muscles is absorbed via the intestines from the food you eat. This iron absorption process must be tightly regulated or else iron can accumulate in the body, possibly causing organ damage. Inherited forms of iron overload, known as hereditary hemochromatosis, are caused by mutations that interfere with the normal regulation of iron levels in the body. As related to the possible iron problem can be caused by a gene mutation … FYI… (23andme) $99 DNA testing this is on sale every once and a while at that price and all reports are included…if you are from Canada, then I assume your medical testing is/are/probably covered.
    Shot in the dark but you may want to ask your geneticist about HH-associated C282Y mutation.
    Other thoughts based on nothing more then may experience from many years of testing and going doctor to doctor…just going to make a list if something interests you and gives you and idea then great I have done my Mitzvah. Good dead…etc
    If high bilirubin…check abdomen sonogram…genetic test for Gilbert’s syndrome
    Imuran… RA….methotrexate…Enbrol injections
    Lyme tests…check all bands….Lyme is a sneaky critter :O)
    Alt therapies…there are many…key points that may be of interest
    Blood oxygenation …medications, vitamins and herbs for such….
    Hydrogen peroxide (antifungal, antiviral) Intravenous…maca, matte de coca,
    Inflammation: Glutathione IV with h2o2 above…
    trimedica colloidal silver (Silva) 10ppm…this brand has a very small micron size as recommended to me to be one of the best…in each nostril (yes bacteria tend to grown in sinus cavities LO) ) and under tongue
    digestive bacteria ….H pylori, Candida, celiac…biopsy is best…if they are doing one then you should have them test for everything … note of interest Z line irregularities…
    Inability/difficulty with the proper absorption of nutrients from foods….
    Alternative Medicine the Definitive Guide authored by Burton Goldberg It is in its second edition and is about 8 years old. However I find the material is still relevant and helps…take a look at a book store before buying to see if this particular book interests you. I have not needed to buy a newer book as I find myself still reading this one. ISBN 1-58761-140-6
    Note: I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV :O) just a person who is also looking for answers to my own medical dilemmas. .today I thought I would give back and share in the hopes you would find some of this useful…in the event that you are already familiar with all that I have written then …never stop researching until all your questions have been answered satisfactorily.
    Always remember to check with your doctor before using any herb or engaging in any alternative therapies as it may interfere or adversely affect your health…
    John B…
    (Rishard’s friend)

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