I made, just now (maybe the last half hour or so) onigiri!

I finally got the hunger-drive to make Cooking With Dog’s Onigiri recipe. Rice balls with a tuna-mayo-wasabi filling (I added green onions as well), soysauce grilled and a miso-green onion grilled. They’re REALLY tasty :o

I’ve not managed to make them so tasty in the past, but now I now how to do it :D

You have to use a good amount of salt water on your hands to flavour the rice and use a decent filling or just paint the outsides and grill them.

Simple yet so complex and tasty all at the same time!

Two cups of rice made 6 fair-sized rice triangles, two of each flavour. I’ve only eaten about 1/3 of the tuna triangle and I’m kina stuffed, but that could also be because I’m really not feeling so great today :( I’m excited to try the grilled miso paste triangle. The other 4 are sitting in the fridge for midnight snack tonight.

I’m pleased. ^_^


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