Long day is long and not so much fun.

So I managed to get in to see Dr.Fish this morning.

She in turn, after an examination and pee sample, got me in for an emergency ultrasound of my kidney & bladder.

There was no blood, no pus no nada in my pee other than some protein and Everyone was worried that I was in the midst of passing a kidney stone.

Turns out, there’s not a stone to be found and I basically just have an infection with a slight fever. How I managed to escape The Hubbs’ plague unscathed but ended up getting a bladder/kidney infection, is beyond me.

So I have some penicillin — 4x day for the next 10 days.

I’ve never had a bladder or kidney infection before and oh my god does it hurt to pee. -_-;

It doesn’t sting or burn, it just HURTS.



2 thoughts on “Long day is long and not so much fun.

  1. *knocks antibiotics bottles with you* Cheers!
    This is my…oh, I dunno…sixth? bladder infection and by far the worst I’ve ever had. Miserable little things. *flips off your infection and mine*
    If you can get some cranberry pills, they help a little…same with apple cider vinegar (the pills or diluted to drink). Stay away from sugar, if anyone didn’t already tell you that…or limit it. Grows more bacteria or something.
    Take care of yourself…hope the antibiotics help fast. They usually do. *hugs* <3

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Hey Pretty Lady!
      To my knowledge, I’ve never had a bladder infection before and omg I just want to curl up into a ball and die.
      I know some of my pain is the infection itself but some of it is the antibiotics, I swear. I’m nauseous, I have headaches periodically and I am oh-so-ridiculously-exhausted. I’m so exhausted it’s almost like I haven’t yet been diagnosed with Sally! :(
      I’ve been drinking cranberry juice, but didn’t know about the apple cider vinegar! Thank goodness it doesn’t hurt anymore to pee (TMI, my appologies!), that was only a friday event.
      Hope you’re recouperating well and staying cool in the crazy sumnmer heatwave of the East!

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