I have discovered that I do not like instant pancakes.


I spoke to my parents this morning and they were at Northland mall for free Stampede pancake breakky. Since we haven’t done our annual Stampede Breakky this year as a family, because they were in Montreal for the last week, they decided that they should attend one themselves.

Figuring that I should at least be there with them in spirit to partake in the annual breakfast tradition, I made myself some Aunt Jemima pancakes from boxed mix.


I don’t understand why they’re so cute and pretty to look at, but oh my god, they suck the moisture straight out of your mouth and absorb all syrup it comes in contact with, making them unpleasantly sweet & saturated… but dry.

I’m kind of ashamed and disappointed I did this for breakfast, but at the same time, thinking about it, hehehe… I think my parents are probably eating the EXACT SAME THING at the mall. The only thing is that I’m not sitting in the blazing hot sun, in a parking lot, wearing cowboy gear. ;D

The things I do for my family, man… ^_-


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