So I was out and about with Mom & Dad this afternoon because I needed someone to drive me to see Sinus Guy this morning.

Sinuses, ears, nose & throat are looking absolutely fan-fucking-tastic, my CT scan from earlier in the year is clean as clean can be and so Sinus Guy is muoy happy with things… though feeling a little old, he said. ;)

Dad & I have been flitting in and out of a few shops all afternoon while Mom’s been hitting up grocery stores. The first place we ended up at was B&J Restaurant Supply Store… I now know where I am going to be buying my uber dangerous-to-the-head mortar & pestle in a few weeks time, as well as an awesome iron pot for soup. :D

Anyhow, after lunch, we hit up what used to be known as New Asia Market, one of the very first all-asian markets in the city (if you don’t includ Chinatown). Mom needed to buy some veggies and stuff to restock the fridge after their week in Montreal. Dad & I didn’t find this terribly exciting, so we scooted into MegaZone.

MegaZone is this little shop that carries a fairly impressive collection of Sanrio paraphenalia. When they first opened, it was one of very few shops in the city where you could actually get a variety of Hello Kitty merchandise. At least half the store is car accessories, which I always found a little odd, but I would imagine that they’re doing fairly well business-wise seeing as they’re still around.

My original reason for scooting into the store was that I’ve been looking for one of those solar-bobble head toys for Fam Doc… but in plant form. I dunno why, but I thought it would be kind of funny for him to have a little solar-waving plant on his desk.

Anywho, after I found my “plant”, we roamed around the rest of the store looking at stuffs. I ended up buying myself some HK seatbelt covers because, well, I may have long legs, but I have a ridiculously short torso and so seatbelts dig into my neck horribly. So now my car has Hello Kitty seatbelt covers ^_^ The Hubbs is going to hate even ~riding~ in Eggnog now, forget even driving in it!!

Here’s the funny part — My Daddy just kitted out my Smart Car with Hello Kitty car badges… and might possibly be making it his mission to totally kit out my Smart car entirely in Hello Kitty. As soon as we give my car a wash, he’s going to put them on for me. We almost picked up some Hello Kitty license plate bolt covers to go with it… maybe I’ll get some for Christmas in my stocking ;D

I have a feeling that this could be a bad thing!!


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