So while I was grocery shopping, I thought that I might try shopping more ‘locally’ and/or organically.

It made me sad.

It’s summertime and we have BC orchards, but none of the tree fruits at IGA are from BC.

They’re all from California!!


The tomatoes are from Mexico, as are all the organic carrots, celery and green onions that I purchased. I was just so incredibly disappointed :(

I suppose to some degree this means that I should consider changing where we buy our groceries… but… I dunno. I can’t decide. We really like the stuff that IGA sells.

Anywho, dindin tonight was very very tasty. I made Jamie Oliver’s Sweet Cherry Tomato & Sausage Bake served with a whole roasted garlic, some crusty bread for sopping up juices and a big ol’ salad topped with sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews & raisins for interest.

The sausage bake was fantastic, instead of buying individual fresh herb packets from the grocery store, I bought one package of poultry mix which included sage, thyme and rosemary. The salad, I was actually really impressed with, other than the interesting nut & seed mixture I threw overtop of all the greenery, I made it including: mesclun greens, baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts, carrot & cucumber strips, some green onion and sliced radishes. It was a pretty darn impressive salad and I’m not generally a salad kina girl.

The Hubbs & I had a long talk over the weekend on the drive back home from Canmore about our diet and I’m trying to make a much, much more concerted effort to encorporate more greenery into our diet. Portion-wise, we’re not big eaters, but the greenage department definitely needs improving on, so this is the start of what we’re hoping to have keep on going.


11 thoughts on “Hrmmm….

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Well I am certainly jealous!
      I couldn’t find any Canadian produce today… perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough, but given that it’s summer and peak BC fruit season, I was rather perplexed as to why there was none to be found in the store :(

      1. TeaseMeGirl

        There are, I just haven’t checked them out — being of generally low energy, going to market is a bit of a challenge on my own some days.
        That and something that I find frustrating: some of the markets don’t actually sell edibles, they sell… stuff.

  1. It’s not quite peak season yet for your peaches etc. Give it a couple of weeks… if they still just have California fruit, and they’re ahead of BC, growing cycle wise.
    It’s the beginning of harvest.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I know, it’s still only (practically) the beginning of July.
      So you’re right, stuff probably hasn’t yet even been harvested.

  2. Well you know all the hippies in California love the organics so that’s why there tends to be a much larger grouping of “organic” food from here, more farms. Also if you want to hop on the new trend “heirloom” is the new “organic”.

    1. Anonymous

      I have found heirloom tomatoes, but not often. I have to go to the Farmer’s Market for that… and the market that I’m referring to isn’t actually a “farmer’s market” per se, so much as a bunch of small businesses holed up under one roof that happen to sell fruits & veggies.

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