Drug-induced brilliant ideas…

Cuz really, that’s the way it always happens.

Dad’s birthday is coming up in a couple of days and our original birthday prezzie for him kind of fell through because Bioshock requires that you have a Windows gaming account and Dad is so not into that sort of thing. Refuses to play games that require it in fact.

Anyhow, I’ve been promising him for awhile that I would make him a pair of fingerless gloves. He’s been sitting in front of his computer(s) too much and has been experiencing the wonderful lack of circulation in his extremities.

In my head I think I’ve figured out how to get around that pesky non-stretchy-start-of-crochet issue that is so very annoying with crochet projects. The cuff I was thinking of making as a skinny length, the circumference of my forearm (about 1/3-way down my arm), stitching using only the back loop, then I would stitch up the ends to make a circle and then stitch on the top for one or two rows before I continue on again stitching in either back or front loop, once that second ‘foundation’ row is complete, then I might try adding some thrumming. Once I get to the base of my thumb, I’ll have to widen the piece by a few stitches and then just make a thumb hole and remaining 4-fingers hole, again with thrumming… and that should be that. In theory it sounds easy enough, but given I’m currently hungover from the Moose, it could be hard.

Now that I’ve eaten breakfast, I’m sreepy and as usual with The Moose, I don’t much care anymore about my brilliant idea and just wanna sleep.

Wish me luck.


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