Tortilla de patatas

I’ve done it again, I’ve been craving something I’ve never tasted before!

I must say, Spanish tortillas are quite pretty to look at ^_^

When Older Bro went to Spain for his honeymoon, he said that this was one of his most favourite dishes along with a steak that he’d had. I’m not entirely sure that he’s aware of what is actually involved, ingredient-wise, to making this potato omelette. I think if he knew that the potatoes are essentially “boil-fried” in olive oil until soft, he might be less inclined to like it as much… but then again, that’s speaking of his current eating habits, not what he used to be more open & willing to try eating.

The recipe is super easy and the ingredient is crazy short. The only thing that’s long and drawn out is the time it takes to cook it. Looking at the clock now, I think it took me about an hour just to cook it. Prep time was pretty minimal, just a little bit of chopping of potatoes and onions.

One interesting (strange?) recipe variation, if you’re really lazy, is to use a bag of potato chips. Ya rly. You basically dump a whole bag of potato chips into the egg mixture and leave it to get soft and squishy, then continue on the recipe as normal for frying. I’m thinking you could come up with some pretty interesting flavours that way. Thinking about it, using potato chips couldn’t have more oil in it than some of those recipes I’ve found that call for 1.5-3 cups of olive oil just for cooking the potatoes!

Only thing to note: you’re supposed to peel the potatoes for this recipe, but because I am ~that~ lazy, I didn’t peel my potatoes… but really, I just happen to like the taste of potato skins ^_^

Spanish Tortilla de Patatas

2 large potatoes, halved and thinly sliced
1 onion, thinly sliced
extra virgin olive oil
4 eggs, beaten

In a large bowl, mix potatoes with onions and season with salt & pepper.
In a medium sized non-stick pan, heat ~1-2cm of olive oil over medium-low heat.
Pour potatoes into pan and gently stir around to coat with oil.
Cook potatoes until soft, stirring occassionally. Do not let brown!
When potatoes have cooked through, remove from pan, draining excess oil and set aside to cool a few minutes.
While potatoes are cooling, beat eggs with salt and pepper in a large bowl.
Add slightly cooled potatoes to egg mixture and mix thoroughly.
Heat pan over medium-high heat. There should be enough residual olive oil left in the pan to not have to add more.
Pour potato mixture into pan. Cook omelette until golden brown on the bottom.
Using a plate, carefully flip omelette over and return to pan, wet-side down.
Cook omelette until second side is nicely golden brown on the bottom.
Serve omelette hot or cold in wedges with crusty bread.

[Edit: Funny. THIS is what I remember potato pancakes to taste like when I was a kid. Though from what I remember, I don’t think mom made them this way… or did she? 954am]


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