Pissy Day is Pissy.

I am totally and utterly groucho right now. I just called Lab Services… they will NOT book more than 1month in advance now. So every freaking month I have to book a new appointment as opposed to just booking 3-4 in a row.. ARGH.

Not ONLY that – but I just got a call from the new Rheumy, a reminder call. Turns out whoever called me the first time months ago, fucked up. Yes, once again. The appointment I have in my book is NOT correct. The new Rheumy has SALLY clinics ONLY on Tuesdays, the appointment I was given is for a Thursday which is for an altogether different disease. The lady on the phone basically lectured me saying it was impossible for me to have that appointment because I don’t have [insert condition here].

ON TOP OF WHICH – I got a letter in the mail on Friday from the CPC and it says I NEED to attend a stupid freaking orientation class for 2 hours so I can be informed as to what kind of services/programs/help they can offer me. Great. Fine. Whatever. It’s a damn message machine and they will return my call within THREE BUSINESS DAYS.

UGH!!! I should not have woken up this morning…

On a brighter note.. I am having cherries for breakfast while I wait for my honeydew to warm to room temperature.

God I am so grouchy now -_-;;;;;;


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