Sacrificial chicken is on the fire.

Thankies to Whitey for giving me some helpful tips on cooking with my UFO :D

Basically I can start using my coals when there’s like 50-75% ash going on, I don’t need ALL of the coals to be white.

Once I’ve dumped the coals into the kettle (trying to remember next time to put the little grate back onto the bottom of the kettle before dumping the coals on top!!) cover it, top vents closed, then let it preheat another 5-10 minutes before cooking.

When ready to cook, throw the chicken down on the grill, skin side down for about 15 30 minutes to get pretty colour and flavour on the breast side. Cover and let it do its thing.

After the 15 30 minutes, flip the bird over and let it cook for another 30-40 minutes, checking temperature at thirty minute mark for 165F.

Somewhere towards the end of cooking, I’ll have to be playing around with the zucchini.. I suppose I could just cook the zucchini while the chicken is sitting resting before cutting into it for dindin.

*fingers crossed!!!*


2 thoughts on “M’kay…

  1. Ack! I forgot you’d asked for tips, sorry! Crazy week!
    We’ve had trouble getting wee BBQ quite as hot as it should be…but we’ve only used it maybe three times because it felt unsafe using it on our deck. It lives at our friend’s house, now, and I’d kept meaning to ask HIM for tips.
    Then forgot. :(
    Sorry, sorry!!! <3

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      No worries! Congratulations on the acquisition of your new home :D
      I’ve noticed too that the little UFO doesn’t get very hot — but then I don’t think I’m lighting my charcoal properly, I’ve used it twice now and hoping that perhaps third time’s the charm :P
      I have a chimney starter which I’m still learning how to use, but I think there’s a certain amount of impatience on my part which is making it so that I’m not lighting the charcoal to its full potential…
      I better have awesome grillin’ skilz by the end of the summer, damnit! ;D

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