So it turns out I had an appointment with Fam Doc this afternoon that went straight over my head. I could have sworn it wasn’t until next week Wednesday, but turns out I was wrong. I got a call from Fam Doc’s nurse just after 1pm asking how I was and that I had an appointment with them this afternoon that I was currently late for :S

Everything turned out okay in the end (sorta) — the patient after me was already there for his appointment, so they took him first and they would see me whenever I arrived.

… And then I almost got a speeding ticket …

I pulled over to the side of the road and the officer pulled over a second car at the same time. Figured that today would be the day that I got my first ever speeding ticket. But turns out someone was feeling rather generous out there in the ether — as I was pulling out my license, the officer came up to Eggnog and said I was free to go, he was actually pulling over the minivan in the other lane. Needless to say, I was watching my speed from that point onwards to Fam Doc’s office ;P

Anyhow, since I pretty much bolted out of the house without making myself look properly presentable to the world, I was pretty frazzled by the time I got to the office. I didn’t even have my normal post-it note list of things to talk about in order since I generally do that a few hours before I go to my appointment.

What little we did talk about today was interesting. Fam Doc had a bunch of correspondence from a couple of different people: One was the Liver Guy and the other was from the CPC. Turns out I may have hepatitis, caused by NAFLD — nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Only way to tell with absolute certainty is if we biopsy my liver, which Liver Guy gave me as an option, but seeing as my liver isn’t any great distress he was perfectly okay with me passing on the biopsy unless we absolutely had to do it. Plus even if I do have the hepatitis, the only treatment is Imuran and Corticosteroids, both of which I’m already taking.

Other than that, in his letter, Liver Guy said that he forgot to mention that if I wanted (or more correctly, if Hawt Doc wanted) I could start taking 800 I.U. of Vitamin E daily. It’s been shown to improve liver enzyme tests. Fam Doc was totally okay with the idea of me starting that treatment now, so I just have to go out and buy me some Vit.E to go along with my whole shwack of other stuff. I just have to check to see what the Vit.E levels in my Multi-Vit. are and then top it up to 800. Anything over 800 IU is bad though.. can cause heart problems :P

Lessee… OH. So other interesting correspondence of the day: CPC sent him a letter after I they received my 50 page application thingy-majiggy that I filled in. According to the CPC and their methods of deducing such things, I am apparently severely depressed. On that note, I was mightily impressed that they came to that conclusion from the rather large packet of stuff I sent them. Family Doc was impressed that they even sent him a letter to inform him of such news. It seems that even with the medical system becoming as crappy as it is, there is the smallest glimmer of hope that things can actually happen.

Anyhow, having read the letter, he was a little shocked and he wanted me to know that he doesn’t want for me to feel that because we have such a great, laid back patient-doctor relationship, that I should ever feel uncomfortable about telling him stuff that might be upsetting. I found that odd because if anything, I’m generally less inclined to tell people something’s wrong if I don’t have a good rapport with them. He did make the point that anyone with a chronic illness, and in my case several, is going to be dealing with some kind of depression at some point or other so it shouldn’t really be that much of a surprise if I mention some things that would point towards being depressed. I did mention to him that when I filled out the application, I intentionally filled it out when I was feeling my crappiest and after I had been taking the Moose for days on end because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to give accurate answers about my pain. So between me & him, the whole depression thing is more or less cleared up.

Having talked about that, he asked me what happened with my decision to see a social worker. I basically told him that I was rather meh about the whole thing still and as he had pointed out during one of our past visits whilst The Hubbs joined us — we have a pretty good relationship. We’ve been together for 13 years (this fall and 8 years married next week!) and we’re pretty good at hashing things out on our own until we figure out a solution to our problem. He was totally okay with that decision.

Mmm…. *thinks*…..

He likied the little solar plant I got him for his birthday lots ^_^


OH, so we’ve officially changed my doseage of the Hydromorph to 12mg – 2x/day. Now I get a brand new coloured pill as opposed to taking multiples of the greens & pinks. I dunno what the new colour will be as of yet cuz I still have greens that need to be finished off. It makes my pain better, but I still have pain and it wakes me up first thing in the morning a lot. We’ve also decided that I can keep the 3mg tabs on hand should I at some point increase my baseline again. I guess that means I probably should have that prescription filled out for next week, now that I think about it.

Yea, I think that’s it. I can’t really think of anything else.


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