Yum yum yum…

Last night we had Mom & Dad over for Family Dindin.

Noodles with chili & garlic

I made one of Dad’s super faves — steamed mussels & clams with chili noodles. Ordinarily we don’t have clams, but Mom bought them at T&T and decided to add something new to the mix, otherwise it would’ve just been all mussels, which is totally A-Okay with us. Mom found out she’s not a huge fan of clams because of the sandiness that was still inside some of them.

I don’t believe I’ve ever posted a recipe for the mussels, now that I think about it.

Both dishes are practically identical ingredient-wise as well as in the cooking. There are no measurements, to be honest, because I’ve only ever made this by tossing stuff in as I go along. Just to give you an idea: When it’s me doing the shopping, if I remember correctly, I buy about 5 lbs of mussels and it feeds 4-6 people, assuming you’re having other stuff to eat with it. For added variety, I’ve also added really large shrimp, in the shell, to the mix. I didn’t ask when Mom dumped the seafood into the pan, but I ~think~ there was about 2lbs of mussels and maybe another 1-2lbs of clams this time.

OH and whenever I make this, I use my roasting tin. Just because it’s super ginormo and makes it so everyone has equal ease of access to the pot when eating together at the table. ^_^

Mussels & Noodles
Mussels & Clams, well cleaned
1-2 cups of chicken broth
1 onion, sliced finely
garlic, lots, chopped
dried chili flakes
dried parsley
garlic powder, to taste
salt & pepper
extra virgin olive oil
parmesan cheese
baguette, for sopping up seafood juices

* In a large pot, bring water to boil for pasta and cook til it’s to your liking, save some cooking water.
* Meanwhile, get the largest pan you own on medium, and heat a good few glugs of olive oil.
* Once oil is warm, add in half your sliced onions and half the chopped garlic, cook until soft and fragrant.
* As the onions and garlic are cooking down, season with salt & pepper and a large palmful of dried parsley.
* Add a small palmful of crushed, dried, chili flakes and stir well. WARNING: DO NOT INHALE fumes, they burn!
* Dump in the mussels & clams, stir everything around to get coated in all the tastiness.
* Pour in the chicken broth and clamp on a lid and leave everything alone to steam until everything opens up.
* Meanwhile, back at the ranch… As you’re waiting for the mussels & co. to steam, if you timed things correctly, the noodles should have just finished cooking and are now sitting waiting.
* Cook the remaining onions and garlic in a few glugs of olive oil, adding slightly less chili and parsley until soft and fragrant, in the same pot you cooked your noodles.
* Add the cooked spaghetti to the pot and mix well, lubricating with a little reserved pasta water if needed.
* Season with salt & pepper.
* Make sure to taste your noodles at this point — if it’s not quite the right garlic-y-ness, season with some garlic powder.
* Your mussels should all be opened up at this point and ready to be brought to the table.
* Serve the noodles with parmesan cheese and some additional olive oil, on the side.
* Ladle over some of the mussel juices for added yums and don’t forget the baguette for sopping up all the juices!


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