Decisions, decisions…

I have a craving for hiyayakko… cold tofu with green onions, ginger, soysauce and bonito flakes.

Only problem is my tofu is the wrong kind.. I bought the extra firm last week specifically to be kina pan-fried or perhaps grilled. Hiyayakko is supposed to be (or should be) a silken or lighter texture… durrrrr……

Now I can’t decide if I should try making for dindin a sort of thai green curry with tofu and zucchini or if I should maybe make a Japanese katsu curry. Basically curry sauce (yum) with a deep fried & breaded pork cutlet :D

I’m all about the deepfrying this week, apparently.. hehehe..

Then again, I could also do without the deep frying of pork and perhaps make a pan-fried tofu futlets… err.. cutlets.. and serve that with the Japanese curry sauce.

Such dilemmas.


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