Blue Monday

I’ve been wanting to go out.

Not necessarily spend monays, but just be away.

Travelling… go… somewhere.

I had a blue day yesterday afternoon because I can’t go travelling and I really want to.

I’m still really disappointed that I missed the Japan trip with my parents & Baby Bro a few years ago… it still makes me very, very sad.

What sparked it was watching a really awesome youtube video on Korea by this couple named Simon & Martina. They have a great channel called Eat Your Kimchi that I quite enjoy.

For some reason I am feeling an incredible need to drink alcohol lately. Izakayas are basically Japanese pubs, for a rather simplistic explanation. You go there to drink cold beer and eat all sorts of tasty nibblies at super affordable prices. Main attraction, obviously, is the beer. On Saturday night, The Hubbs & I went to Shibuya Izakaya for dindin and had a great time. For Calgary, the prices at Shibuya were pretty on par for a dinner with sushi, it cost us about $50. I dunno why I have it stuck in my head that I want desperately to be able to consume alcohol (and smoke cigars again *cough*) but I’m just feeling bummed out about a lot of stuff like that.

For dindin we had char-grilled chicken gizzards with coarse salt and a squeeze of lemon, a deluxe sashimi platter, a spicy salmon roll and I ~think~ a deep fried tempura lobster roll. The last item is a bit fuzzy because The Hubbs said it was crab, but I could’ve sworn I ordered lobster. Neither of us can remember for sure, so it just means that we’ll have to go back and order it again ^_^ There are a whole bunch of other nibbly things that I am wanting to order while we’re there, like tongue, gizzards, intestines and stuff, but The HUbbs is just not that into internal organs. He didn’t seem too offended by the idea of the crispy salmon skin and chicken skin options, which is cool. He does very much want to order the takoyaki next time, though.

The only disappointment I have with Shibuya is the teeny sizes of some of their rolls. The lobster roll was a modest, but acceptable size, but with the spicy salmon roll we ordered, the size of each piece of roll was itty bitty. In fact, they were about the size of my thumb from first knuckle to tip. VERY tiny. The roll itself was in a pool of bright orange sauce and had a little green salad on the side which went remarkably well with the sauce, but holy moly was the sauce spicy. I guess I’m still not quite sure I understand the attraction to the spicy with sushi.

But back to the travelling… *sigh*

Just yea.

I would love to see neato stuff in Japan like checking out makers of old family-run soysauce and homemade tofu makers. Or go to Korea and see makers of the spicy red pepper paste called gochujang, the alcoholic fermented rice beverage called makgeolli, green tea plantations and potters of handmade tea-bowls… stuff like that… and street food of course ;)

Art is (can be) interesting, but I find food culture much more fascinating.

I’m really just feeling so poopy about life. I feel like SALLY came in and decided to make it so that I will obsess about how little time I may have left in a semi-functional body and make me terrified to actually live like a normal human being. I haven’t gotten to the point where experiences and fun will outweigh pain and enjoyment of life. It’s so depressing.


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