I did something tonight that never in my imagination would I ever have to do.

I’ve taken off my wedding ring.

I can no longer wear it because it’s far, far, too large for it to stay on even if I tried my darnedest to consume mass quantities of salt to puff me up like the Staypuft Marshmallow Man… Well.. Girl.

For the last month I’ve been having more and more problems keeping my ring stuck to my finger — it would come off while I’m wearing rubber gloves to do dishes, while I’m spreading out my blankets before bed at night, when I gesticulate (wildly) when I speak and the place where I’m most terrified of losing it? Down the toilet.

I’m incredibly sad and upset over this. The only other time I had to take off my ring for an extended period of tIme was when I had the lupus flare and my fingers blew up to the size of hotodgs. No joke, it terrified both The Hubbs and my parents. Even then, I gave my ring to The Hubbs to wear, if only temporarily, until the inflammation was brought down with mass quantities of steroids. I knew I was going to get it back and I knew I was going to be wearing it again.

For the past (almost) six years now, my wedding ring has proggressively moved from being worn on the ring finger of my left hand, to my right thumb and then most recently, for the last year or two, my right middle finger and now completely removed… All because I’ve lost a ridiculous amount of muscle tone, paired with a considerable decrease in my swelling due to inflammation. Not only that, but I can’t wear my engagement ring, for the exact same reasons.

The Hubbs and I did discuss buying me a new ring and having my engagement ring resized, but we decided that we would wait until our (hopefully) ten year anniversary…. This was of course before I took my ring off permanently this evening.

I don’t want a new ring for the sake of having a ring, but at the same time, it upsets me dearly that the only piece of jewellery I have worn since the day we got married is no longer a possibility… Just like far too many other instances in our lives these last six years.

I am absolutely heart broken.


9 thoughts on “:/

  1. Ooooh this would upset me, too…*hug*
    Can you have the wedding ring resized? Or is that not really done with wedding rings?
    Can I suggest something that might seem silly but which might maybe…oh I don’t know…maybe it would be a compromise?
    I suggest the Hubbs buys you a nice gold chain to wear the ring around your neck for now (if you can’t have it resized). AND, at the same time, you should get a new wedding ring so that you have something on your hand (I’m common-law and I wear a ring from Von…it’s not the same as a wedding ring but it’s still important to me…so I think I understand.)
    Big hugs from here…I’m really sorry. I wish I could fix everything for you. :( <3

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      The biggest reason for not resizing my ring is that we have our wedding date engraved on the inside — that and it would kind of kill the design engraved on the outside of the ring.
      To give you an idea of what our wedding ring looks like, imagine “the one ring to rule them all”. At a glance it kind of looks like that the first time you see them. We didn’t intentionally get our rings to look like they came from Lord of the Rings (okay, maybe we kinda did after we first saw them ^_^) but it was kind of stunning when we first saw them… and they also happen to both be the same mens’ rings, cuz at the time, I had the fingers to pull off that kind of bulkiness.
      I am kind of happy that we seem to have come to an odd solution in the meantime: we’ve exchanged rings. Literally. He’s wearing my ring and I’m wearing his and they actually fit. Sort of… I’m still wearing the ring on my middle finger as opposed to my ring finger, but it’s not coming off at all and apparently mine’s staying on his ring finger with no signs of slipping off either.

  2. oh shit, I’m sorry babe. I want to tell you that the ring is nothing more than a symbol and all, only because I’m a twat and that’s how dudes think about stuff like that. but, thinking about that ring and the importance it symbolizes, I understand how upsetting this feels.
    There is a lot to a ring, more than just what it represents even (without getting into a stupid LOTR reference), especially from not being able to wear one, and even though pragmatically it’s just a symbol, there are some symbols in this world that are pretty important out there, so for real, you have my sympathies.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I just mentioned to Moggy, the ring we both have look almost like that “one ring to rule them all”. We’re nerdy & geeky like that ^_^
      We may have found an intriguing solution — we’ve exchanged rings and they pretty much fit. So now I’m having to get used to a ring that actually more or less fits on my finger as opposed to worrying about the one that I was constantly flinging across the room. There is still wiggle room, but it feels rather strange to not have to constantly make sure it’s still on my finger….

  3. Yeah since you have engraved rings the resizing won’t work so the chain idea is nice. Swapping is a nice compromise as well.
    I have the opposite problem, for some inexplicable reason a while back I decided to try on the band I bought with Jenny and the silver matched ring I made and neither fit on my finger any longer.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I’m actually surprised that swapping rings, the sizes worked… which of course tells you both: A) How much my fingers have shrunken and B) How much weight The Hubbs has gained in the last 8 years ;)

  4. derp, I should read this more often.
    Another idea would be loop it through a necklace and wear it that way. Granted, it’s not ideal, but better than not wearing it at all. :|

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