Another super simple recipe…

Because I am feeling incredibly lazy and somewhat “fragile”, meaning, I want food that doesn’t require great amount of thought to eat and is pretty light on the tummy.

Almond Jello. One of the greatest tasting desserts on earth and stupidly easy. Really. Even a 3 year old can make it… with minor supervision.

Most often almond jello is served with fruit cocktail and you call it a day. If you’re lazy like me and/or you may have possibly unintentionally under-sweetened your jello, you can always serve it plain with a little bit of maple syrup overtop and then just slurp it back.

Almond Jello
1 packet unflavoured gelatin (2 if you’d like firm cubes that actually hold solid after cutting)
1 Tbsp sugar
1 cup boiling water
1 cup milk
1 Tbsp almond extract (or to taste)

In large measuring cup, stir sugar with gelatin and boiling water until dissolved.
Add milk and almond extract.
Pour liquid mixture into a wide & shallow container.
Refridgerate until set.
Cut jello into bite sized cubes and serve with fruit cocktail or maple syrup.


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